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The State of Qatar occupies a single peninsula in south-west Asia. Qatar is a member of the Gulf on three sides, and on land borders with OAE and Saudi Arabia. Most of the country is sandy plains and in the south of the hills. It's hot, summer temperatures often reach 50 degrees. The best rest time in Qatar will be from early December until early March.

Tours to Qatar from Ukraine - what do you see?

Most of the country ' s worth is archaeological discoveries. Not far from the capital of the country, the town of Dohi, is the Al Zubar archaeological centre. There was an ancient city, whose history had been over 1,000 years. Today, there's a fort in which the Regional Museum works with exhibits on the history of the country.
Also near the capital is the Umm Salal Mohammed and ancient mosque. Fort is a small white structure near which the mosque was laid. There's a great historical atmosphere and paintings.

The capital also has many diverse features, including the Fort Doha, the House of Government, the National Museum of Qatar and the Museum of Arms. The Islamic Arts Museum and the University of Qatar will be interesting among modern buildings. Rest in the capital of Qatar, visit mere shopping centres, restaurants and bars. Zoo Park and Aquarium will be great for fun with the family.

There's gonna be a great vacation in Qatar. There's a lot of beaches in the vicinity of the capital that'll be great for family rest, because water is always calm. El Cornish is the longest and most alive Dohi beach.
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