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Dnipropetrovsk region

Holidays in Dnipropetrovsk region

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The Dnipropetrov region is the largest area of Central Ukraine.

The District Centre, Dnieper, located on both shores of the same river, is one of the brightest and most interesting cities in the Ukrainian East. Apart from the fact that this is the largest industrial and economic centre with the same status as the space capital of Ukraine, it is also an inexorably charming city, attracting its beautiful architecture, numerous parks, paintings of shore and invaluable historical monuments.

The most popular place for walks and rest for the town and guests of Dnieper is the most beautiful Sicheslava Coast, the longest in Europe. It leads to the most interesting sight of the city, a legendary monastery island. It is known that there was a Visantian monastery in the ninth century. At that time, the Dnieper River was on the famous " vagrant to the Greeks " , and the island was frequently used as a stop-point.

The Architectural pride of Dnieper is rightly regarded as the Premise Assembly, which is when the history of the city began. Today, it is not only one of the most delicious cults of the city, but also its main spiritual centre.

Dnieper's attracting his extraordinary harmony. Two-hundred-and-year-old classical buildings here are peacefully neighboring with state-of-the-art hai-tex structures, and the rigority of metal giants is scattered by a bright green of painting parks and bulvars... All of this, together with the original historical and cultural heritage, creates an infinite atmosphere that makes Dnieper unlike any other city of the country and brings thousands of travellers from around the world.

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