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Holidays in Interlaken

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Interlaken is a Swiss resort that is located between Brienz and Tun lakes and is famous for interesting and rich traditions.

What's the attractive tour in Interlaken?

Interlaken is accepted as the starting point for the most exciting tours across the country. We can have a great break on the resort, both summer and winter. Besides the famous lakes, the city is surrounded by three great peaks, Yungfrau, Eiger and Monk.

The resort has the oldest Schuh restaurant, which was opened in the far away 1818, and all this time, it's known as an insurmountable chocolate fund. There are also many restaurants in Interlaken that offer great local kitchen meals.

It's not far from the resort, it's a traditional skiing and snoubbard zone, Yungfrau. It's best for ski starters to go to Bitenberg, and Tun's lake will be great for skiers.

Rest in Interlaken may be both winter and summer, with the resort offering excellent living conditions and a high level of service.

The summer is popular with the travel of the high railway to ice and lakes. There are also worldwide known Sanct Beatus caves where there are underground valleys and waterfalls.

The resort offers a great deal of space for deltaplan, paraplane, rock climbing, rafting and water sports.

Tours in Interlaken are a great opportunity to combine quiet family vacations with active time.

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