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At an early morning, a small ship slips through the turquoise smooth of waves. He's taking you on a fascinating trip to the mystery worlds by sea. Mimo's floating painting landscapes, gold beaches, fairy towns... During the launch, you will enjoy clean, fresh sea air and a blue seabed. You can watch exotic birds and marine animals. To swim in the warm sea or watch sunset sitting on the top deck of the ship in a restaurant with a glass of exquisite wine. Life between the sky and the sea! Cruises can be conducted on both small boats with a capacity of 10 to 30 persons and large cruise lines that can be bragged by a high level of comfort appropriate to the living conditions of the best hotels.

Cruise liners, like hotels, also have their official names. And the stars, respectively, their dignity.

Crystal Harmony and Crystal Symphony are the most luxury in the world. The rest on these liners is considered the most prestige and is assessed as a six-star. During navigation, each of them becomes a closed floating club with 150 to 900 socially wealthy people belonging to the ultralux clientele.

The price is appropriate. For the comfort of the world ' s largest passenger cabin on Crystal Symphony - Crystal Penthouse, 100 square metres, at least $1000 a day. However, calling these penthouses "cauts" is not a language that turns out to be the royal apartments, where the special majorda is watching. Those who have not had enough apartheid can count on three categories of cabin, the cheapest of which is the 20-metre DeLuxe with a panoramic window in the whole wall is only $400. All other participants in the cruise enjoy absolute equal rights, sitting next to world celebrities in the hall of the Hollywood Theatre, eating a waterfall in the Iden restaurant. Democracy also reigns in fenile nightclubs working until morning, tennis shorts, pools.

Five stars from nose to feed.

The modern five-star liner is no longer just a luxury floating hotel, but a real sea resort offering its guests a high-end recreation coupled with a wide range of all kinds of entertainment. The flag of the twenty-first-century five-star vessels and the first in a series of three latest mega-liners, Voyager of the Seas, no size comparable to the aircraft carrier, and three exceeds the largest of the six-stars. Through the entire ship, from the vast amphitheater of the La Scala concert hall on the vessel ' s nose to the multi-layer restaurants in the fodder, it's filled with bars, Duty Free stores, fashion kits, Promenade. It's $150 to $500 a day, depending on the quarter class. The most expensive, simple (up to 70 square metres) suites with a balcony and a view at sea, with a fire in the living room and a hot tub.
In order to attract an active part of the tourists that are far from the shore, the owners of the five-star cruisers have become generously equipped with their vessels with athletes - basketball, volleyball, tennis resorts, skating tracks, ice creams and even small ones, just 9 holes, golf floors.

Class 4 stars

Four-star cruisers, one day at $100 to $200, offer their passengers the best possible option

A combination of prices and quality. This is perhaps the largest and diverse class of tourist ships, presented by both new and fully modernized ships in the 1980s.
Naturally, the relatively small size of the Emerald four-star route along the coast of Croatia, Greece and Turkey prevents its passengers from relying on simplic cabinets with balconies or panoramic windows from the floor to the ceiling. Travellers will be compensated by the inexorable species of thousands of tiny islands between which Odysseus has been pushed for so long and which are simply inaccessible to large non-routine ships. As for the rest of us, restaurants, bars, casinos, solars, gymnasiums, beauty salons, entertainment for young and peaceful leisures for older people, in which four-star cruises do not give way to their more "star" fellows.

The liners are three stars, a snobism test.

For those who go to the sea solely from love to travel themselves, the main dignity of cruise ships marked in the catalogues by three stars is the low price between $75 and $150. The so-called cruise fleet, composed mainly of well-deserved ship-weathers, has, however, lost hopelessly in size and comfort from modern-stage liners, nevertheless provides its passengers with a standard maritime travel set of entertainment. For example, perpetuating the Mediterranean ports is not an old handsome Thopaz host to 1,000 passengers, has two restaurants, several bars, a discotheque, a jacuzzi pool, a children ' s club, a gym and a casino.

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