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Saint Lucia

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Holidays in Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia is a vice island, which is on the one hand woven by the Caribbean Sea and on the other by the Atlantic Ocean. The islands can be bragged by magnificent tropical forests, small and cozy boots, treatment minerals, underwater volcanoes, and beautiful beaches and a unique underwater world. Moreover, this is the venue of the famous jazz festival.

What's the attractive tour on Saint Lucia?

Its beaches are the island ' s real pride, and virtually the entire coastline is one uninterrupted strip with more than 1,100 kilometres. There are both natural beaches with black volcanic sand and man-made white sand plots.

There are several national parks in Saint Lucia, among which the National Park of Paigen Island, the Reserve of Frigat Island, and the Reserve of Mary Island are particularly popular. The latter is the only habitat of the snake ' s cows, one of the rarest varieties of the already existing, as well as the rare earth lizards of the Maria Islands.
The coast of the island is literally planted with pink coral reefs, a great place for diving. In addition, permanent and regular winds create excellent conditions for yachting and Windserfing.

Rest on St. Lucia is an admirable journey to the world of saint nature, clean air, luxury hotels and tranquillity.

One of the island ' s favorite tourist destinations is the sea fleet of Ens-Shastaye, which is a beautiful coastal reef with corals, sponges and fish. It's one of the most popular diving places. There is also a need to visit Petit Piton, Gross Piton and the artificial reef that formed around the 50-metre vessel Lesson.
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