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Mahe Island

Holidays in Oh. Mae

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Mae's islands surround the head with aromatic spices and tropical irrigation. In Mae, there's everything that's needed to rest - isolated bottles for privacy fans, lived beaches offering a variety of opportunities to engage in water sports, entertain any kind of taste, and most importantly, the nature of an amazing beauty. In Mae Island, virtually all hotels offer the possibility of organizing and conducting a romantic wedding ceremony, so Seychela is very popular among young women. On Mae Island, we can forget all the problems and enjoy the rest of the tropical paradise.

Mae is the largest island of the Seyshel Archipelago, which is 150 square kilometres. On Mae Island, travellers will fully feel the exotic atmosphere of tractors. There is one of the world ' s smallest capitals, Victoria City. It is Mae that is considered to be the starting point for many tours of Seychelles.

Mae on Seichel

Beau Vallon - The biggest and most famous beach of the island, where we can all go swimming, burying, doing all kinds of sport, dancing to sleep at nightclubs, enjoying the sea kitchen, test the fate in the casino, enjoying the sunset while walking on the pearl bank.

Anse Intendanse - According to the tourists, the most beautiful of the beach of Mae. It's a month's coat that's punky coconut palms.

Grand Anse Surprising his perfect blues water and welcoming surf fans with high waves.

Mae Island Anse Forbans and Anse Royal - protected by coral reef, so there are calm waters where snorkeling is fun.

Mae Island:

  • In Mae (Seychela) there is room for quiet and calm, and time can be actively and dynamically spent to engage in water sports or to study the island ' s natural heritage.
  • The King's garden is good for buckle aromats, because they grow spices here, and tourists are happy to visit to see how they grow nail, vanilla, muscular trees and many others.
  • Takamaca is the Bay of Mae with large-scale submarines. Takamaca is popular with divers.
  • Port Loney's preacher is the place where the whale sharks come to sew the plankton in mangroves. The Reserve is perfect for the diving, there's transparent water and a large number of coral reefs.
  • The National Reserve is here to see where the mountains are coming from, how the painting hills have been scattered, where tropical salmons and tiny frogs live. There's a factory on the Reserve to produce aromatized tea.
  • The National Sea Park of Saint Anne consists of six wild islands in the Indian Ocean near Mae. It's good for a divine.
  • The top of Morn Blan (907 m) opens an amazing panic on the island. On the way to the top, the travellers can love the island's big vegetation.
  • The Mont Flery Botanical Garden has grown in its territory over 200 species of exotic and local plants, and the hill hill slope is covered by bulbs and furious rocks.
  • Master Michael Adams, a world-famous seishel artist, represents his work in a single shop.

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