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Prestigious rest on Rodos Island

Rodos Island is one of the largest tourist destinations in Greece. He's settled in the Aegean sea. It's close to the Turkish coast.

The main virtues of rest on the island of Rodos? This island has brought together the spirit of history and the latest European tourist trends. You'll be encouraged by the advanced infrastructure, the highest level of service, beauty, cozy, luxury in every detail.

Kiev planes come here often because Ukrainian tourists love Greece. First of all, it attracts the fact that these areas can be reached fairly quickly, in an average of two to three hours. Besides, resting in Greece is always fascinating. You can be enriched not only emotionally, but also mentally. The fascinating excursion programmes will give you not only a lot of new fascinating information, but also a charge of inspiration, a part of the great spirit of ancient Greek history.

When we hit Rodos Island, men and women start to feel like gods and goddesses. It's all about the unique atmosphere in this place.

Rodos is famous for his five-star hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. This is where history is next to innovation. By enjoying myths, sights, ruins, the real world, with all its benefits. After the sunset on the central street, there's a special, lively atmosphere. Every tourist finds exactly what he likes. Someone's enjoying the evening show program, someone's tasting spectacular dishes in nice restaurants, young people hang out and dance on hot discotheques, and many just enjoy walking, shopping, nice communication.

What's Rodos' uniqueness?

  • Many years ago, Rodos was an independent territory with a developed trading system. In the middle age, Rodos was called an island of knights.
  • In its form, Rodos seems a little like a huge fish in the infinite waters of the Aegean Sea. Legend says the sun God has taken this island from the depths and named it after his lover? And since then, he has been a patron of these lands. For those who do not believe legends, there is an undeniable fact,
It is true that, in a practical year around Rodos Island, the sun shines and the weather remains warm.
  • The locals are very careful, and with love, to treat their history and shore ancient memoranda, respect tradition. Thanks to thousands of tourists arriving each year, Rodos stories are spread around the world.
  • The tourists love Rodos for beautiful, wide beaches, clean waves and a delicious climate. Besides, the real Gurmans will reward the wealth of the national kitchen.
  • The city of Rodos is considered the capital of the island. This is where the largest number of historical memoranda and sights are concentrated. As you enter the old city, you feel the spirit of the past, and it seems that the time machine moved you years ago.
  • Rodos won the love of tourists not only his historical legacy. The main dignity of this place is nature. The islands are in the arms of green, citrus gardens and dense vineyards.
  • The main miracle of this island is the Babski Valley. In this protected area, tourists from all over the world are dreaming of coming, because during the marriage period there are butterflies from all over the island, showing a great beauty of the painting. The gentle moths are becoming the decoration of untouched nature. Reading air in combination with a beautiful landscape gives tourists a special charge of inspiration and humility.
  • The natural park of seven sources, which was located 30 kilometres away from the capital, charms its beauty. Seven mineral streams are connected in one place?
  • Vip to Rodos Island from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

    The Turks on Rodos Island will be matched by couples with children, as well as by youth companies. It's important to get a good resort. Our company specializes in organizing class tours, so we can create something unique and special for you. We take into account all the wishes and needs of our clients and collect tours based on individual customer requests.

    Recreation prices in Greece, directly on Rodos Island, are individualized and dependent on multiple factors?

    Additional wishes. YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge works in Kiev. To find out the cost of the tour, you can leave your application on the site, call us or come to our office. Our managers will provide you with relevant information, consult any subject matter, answer all questions.

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