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Lake Mondsee

Holidays in Lake Mondsee

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Lake Mondzee is located in one of the most vibrant areas of Austria. The water depth is 11 kilometres and the width is 2 kilometres, with a maximum depth of 48 metres. To catch the lake of clean mountain air, dark green dense forests on the shore, bright blue water, and the surrounding of rocky mountains, which are stored by many mysterious and perverting legends.

How are the tours on Mondzee Lake?

One of the main features of the resort is the Dragon of the Rock, which is located on the south-west coast of the lake. She's the one who's linked to the basic legend of the terrain. Rumor has it that once in these parts there was an angry and greedy ruler who was going to pay off the peasants. In punishment for her sin, the power of abnormality decided to send the ruler to hell, but it didn't count much of its strength and hit the rock with a 10-metre hole. Since then, the rock has another name, the devil's wall.
Despite the tragic legend, the lake has a living, positive and peaceful atmosphere. There is a large number of opportunities for various water sports and recreation.

There are several magnificent resorts on the banks of the lake, of which Mondzee and San Lorenz deserve special attention. The main virtue of the city of Mondzee is the Gothic Church of St. Michael, which in its time was part of the Maninzeo Benedictin monastery. The building dates back to the 15th century, and this is where the music musical known musical musical musical came from.

Rest on Lake Mondzee is a great opportunity to rest with the soul and body, to escape from the wind and to enjoy the fine nature and clean air.

One of the lake banks has the largest surf and sailing school. The victors of active recreation are pleased to be able to engage in ridges, water skis, swimming, diving and fishing. There are also more than 100 kilometres of foot routes on the resort and the same for the top ride.

The holidays and carnivals, 300 of which took place between May and September, deserve special attention. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of Railways, walk around the sororority market area, catch up in the village hall and just enjoy the greatness of Austrian nature, hospitality and calm. Lake Mondzee has a great combination of what is needed by those who wish to rest, filled with extremely positive emotions.

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