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Le Grand Hôtel Barrière de Dinard

Hotel description

The hotel is located on the front boulevard avenue George V, in contrast to the reinforcements of Saint-Malo, 5 minutes from Dinard-Pleurtuit Airport. The Grand Hôtel Barrière de Dinard, whose architectural decision refers to the time of the second empire (1852-1870) retains the inexorable charm of the resort hotel and has a rich history. In the nineteenth century, the hotel was a popular recreational space for aristocracy families on both sides of La Mansha. Over time, in the middle of the world, it was the rule of good to come to Le Grand Hôtel to see you and people, and the resort turned into a kind of Briton Bretani. Since 1957, Dinar has been in love with the stars of the world ' s cinema: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and many others have come here. A popular place in the actor and business environment was very soon to receive guests arriving at the annual British film festival. Ann Pario, Anuk Emme, Roger Moore, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Ramping, Terrence Young, Greta Saki, Richard Attenboro and many others are regularly present at the hotel.

The hotel was definitely a pilgrimage of a movie star. A unique location, 90 beautiful numbers, a protected pool with heating, sauna, hammam, a Turkish bath and a fitness centre, a restaurant and 3 bar, together with the two-step Olympic basin, a tennis club and a casino, make a hotel room for unforgoing rest.

On 31 October 2017, the hotel closes to renovation.

Accommodation at Le Grand Hôtel Barrière de Dinard

A total of 90 hotels of different categories, including 87 standard numbers and 3 Suites.

At your service:

Classic Room (22-27 square metres)

Deluxe Room (27-34 square metres)

Deluxe Room Ocean Front (27-34 square metres) - decorated in resort style; have balcony with a view at sea and Saint-Malo.

Executive Room (30-40 square metres) - Interns of numbers have been completed in sea resort style; with balcony or terrace going to the garden.

Executive Room Ocean Front (38-40 sq.m) - Interns of numbers have been implemented as a sea resort; they have balcony with a view at sea.

Suites - the number interriers are carried out on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the possible wishes of the guests; looking at the garden or at sea.

In every room: satellite television, Internet, videotape, mini-bar, phen. Some rooms have a safe.

The hotel is located on the front boulevard avenue George V, 5 minutes from Dinard-Pleurtuit Airport, 70 km from Renna.

To the restaurant guests and three bars.

The restaurant blue.B represents a special charm for everyone who loves the sea. The unique location of the open terrace of a restaurant with a wonderful view at sea and the Bay of Baie de la Vicomté adds special taste to every dish.

Bar Savour Brittany’s cuisine offers a wide choice of traditional or innovative dishes made from seafoods, light snacks and other Bretani nucleus.

To enjoy a pleasant conversation with a cocktail or fresh juice, the guests of the hotel are offered by Café 333, whose untransmitted atmosphere is transmitted to the inner extraction from the natural tree and elegant paintings.

On the cafeteria, Les Terrasses du Café 333, light snacks and refreshing drinks are served.

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