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Unforgotable vacation in Switzerland from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

Switzerland is a painting country. All over the world, it's famous for its firm hours, cheese, chocolate and, of course, awesome recreation, clean environment and primary care. Everyone wants to rest in this country, but only high-level people can afford it, because the prices of tours are really high. But the one who's been here once will say that rest in this country is worth any cost.

Every year, thousands of tourists come to Switzerland from all over the world. The Turks in Switzerland are diverse and collor. You can buy a tour and take a vacation in the Alps, skiing or broth. Also, you can enjoy a great beach rest on the sea coast or go to one of the great mountain lakes. You can stay in a tree where an inspirational view of the alpine mountains opens and a comfortable atmosphere of privacy with nature is created.

Any season, any time of year, there's always a lot of tourists here. Depending on preferences, fascinations, in Switzerland, everyone will find a class and a vacation of taste. Our company specializes in VIP tourism, so we can offer you a better vacation in Switzerland.

Given the individual wishes and preferences of our clients, we pick tours for any taste. You can always choose your dream path and go on a better journey. We take care of each detail: settlement in luxury apartments, flight from Ukraine (from Kiev or another city), transfers, tour programmes, rental of a car (if necessary). We are working with Switzerland ' s best tour operators, so we can guarantee our clients the highest quality of services, services and other important recreational nuances.

If you want to know the cost of a trip to Switzerland, you can contact our managers who will provide relevant information, answer all questions, make a compilation, if necessary, and help make the right choice.

Rest in Switzerland

Swiss Alps are particularly popular among the secular public. There are rich and famous, stars, artists, media, politics. The cost of such a break is justified, because in Switzerland, we know the cliffs in the irresistible service and

hospitality. The tourists are attracted to magic landscapes, admirable nature and clean air, and of course the top, perfect mountain tracks, the world's best hotels and the greatest choice of sight.

Switzerland is attractive to good weather at any time of the year. The climate here is a moderate-continental climate, which means it's too hot or too cold.

Switzerland itself is a small, but multi-faceted and rich country of greatness and natural wealth. Switzerland is a country of contrast. One minute you can ski, and another you can slide on the sun.

There are more than 500 museums in Switzerland. It means tourists always have to choose a personal tour program. Switzerland is famous for its medieval castles, where it is possible to see great collections of paintings and sculptures. Cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Bern, focus most of the sights and museums. There are also many mineral sources in Switzerland that come for recovery and rejuvenation.

Switzerland. First class vacation for any taste

Visitors of all ages come to Switzerland. Tours buy for two, three, purchase travel for the whole family or a huge company to rest as much fun and bright as possible. In Switzerland, one resort can be stopped or a country tour to see all the most beautiful places and to meet her culture, history and beauty.

The journey to Switzerland will be remembered by the beauty and sense of happiness and admiration that will not leave you for a moment.

Switzerland is a country that lives in a sizeable rhythm. There are all the conditions for the VIP. Reading air, great landscapes and services at the highest level have made this country a favorite place for millionaires and the most powerful and successful people of the world. They come here to get their inspiration charge and reboot.

The tourists have a great choice of entertainment and exercise for a bright time. Young companies will be thrilled by nightclubs, the garmans will be admired by the buy-in of local restaurants, the active recreational amateurs will have a great time on the perfect ski resorts.

Tours to Switzerland from Ukraine. Deserves attention
Few people have the strength to break away from the exciting sunny ski slopes and fun apres-ski. But if you still escaped, you should definitely go on excursions to the most famous places.

Little Switzerland has more than 600 museums, the main of which are located in Zurich, Geneva, Bern.

A tour of Bern is a trip to the "Garden of Roses", which offers a delightful panorama of the city. The Einstein House and the Parliament are considered the most popular places among the guests of the country. The historical museum, the cathedral and the fountain with the terrible name "Child Eater" will impress seasoned tourists.

The country is also famous for its medieval castles with stunning art collections, original prison towers and punishment cells.

Excursions to glassblowers, breweries and cheese factories will make another day in this amazing country unforgettable.

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