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Majorca Island is a popular recreational destination for rich European tourists, and there are Germans, Dutch, English and Danes. Even the most tempted travelers attract Majorca with their climate, the beach coastline, which is like paradise. The Majorca is the largest island of the Balea archipelago, which occupies 3,640 square kilometres, its capital, Palma de Mayorca, the modern cosmopolitan city, where a large number of luxury cruise ships stop. Palma Bay is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. If you want to see the painting of nature and architecture, Yana Luxery Travel will help organize tours to Majorca from Kiev. Our managers can get you tour prices for Majorca. We'll pick up the best-price rest offers in Majorca. Our visa support, hotel reservations and tourist insurance services will make your vacation safe and calm. We're running a tour on Majorca with any kind of recreation - beach, tour, events, leisure with children, recreation for young women, etc.

If you chose to take a tour to Majorca not only for the purpose of beach rest, but also for the purpose of gaining new impressions, it is worth renting a car and going to meet adventures, on the island you can open romantic fishing woods, historical monasteries, monuments, cozy booths hidden from the resting eyes. The islands are full of historical and cultural heritage, there are still old hours, samples of Arab art, fortresses, gothic buildings, cathedrals, all of which are surrounded by painting nature.

When should I rest?

Thanks to the moderate Mediterranean climate, rest on the island is best from May to October, so it is necessary to buy a tour in Majorca in advance.

Rest with children in Majorca

Majorca is a paradise for children, and every year parents go to the island with their chadas of ages. There is no such entertainment or adventure on the island: beaches, basins, savaparks, dolphinary, oceanium, top ride, safari, cartage, old train trip, mini golf, open air games, drawing seminars, dances, only to choose. For

The children of adolescents will be able to ride the bikers, take a balloon, go to the mountains, and have a surf training centre. Parents will appreciate restaurants where there is an adult menu and a childhood menu for all ages.

Rest in Majorca (Spain)

By buying the trips to Majorca, you're going to have a lot of leisure time on the island, travelers can go to the casino, you know, to visit music shows. The island's guests are waiting for an amazing show, a knight's tournament, which takes place in a medieval castle in accordance with the traditions of that time. As a rule, after the tournament, the party continues to be an incendiary and entertaining show to music orchestra.

If you spend your rest on palm de Mayorca, you must visit the corrida, an unrepetitive performance at the centre of Palm in the area of bulls, with the participation of a torero from different regions of Spain.

As part of the tour of Mayorca (Spain), it is impossible not to enter the Caves del Drac caves, an admirable underground world where the most beautiful paintings created the very nature of the stalactites and stalagmites. In one of the caves, you can hear a concert of camera music, and in another, a violin and guitar.

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