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Turks to Mikonos from Ukraine from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

If you love Greece, but you haven't rested on the island of Mykonos, then it's time to widen the boundaries and open this beautiful, paradise.

Rest on Mikonos is considered one of the most prestigious. You are expected to have simple beaches, lazour waves, scalist horizons, admirable landscapes, comfortable five-star hotels and villas on the coast of the sea, birthday restaurants, exotic treats, a lot of entertainment, and of course a rich cultural heritage.

YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge specializes in recreational activities of class awards. By ordering tours to Mikonos Island, you can be assured that we will take care of the passage from Ukraine, the settlement in the luxury apartments. We'll find you an ideal option, taking into account your individual requests and wishes. Tour prices are generated individually, depending on the hotel chosen, dates, season, additional privileges.

Mykonos is a godmother resort, because it's easy to meet celebrities, artists, stars and just bright, attractive, radiant people here at the central corners of the city. It's one of the most expensive resorts in Greece. You're expected to have short scalist landscapes, windmills, many religious structures (old churches and temples), the virtues that keep the spirit of ancient history.

Mykonos is a favourite place for bright and saturated night life. There's a large number of nightclubs, where modern, fashion music sounds every night, and a bright show program shows. If you want to get into the epistor of events, then the rest on Mikonos will be perfect for you. Family couples with children come here rarely because there's a bright, noisy, youth atmosphere. After the sunset on the streets of the city, a new life begins, which contaminates everything around a powerful flow of energy and drama.

Mikonos Island unique recreational features

  • The islands of Mikonos are called the most secular place of the Aegean coast.
  • The islands aren't very large. The island reaches 86.125 square kilometres.
  • Life on the island flows in a bright dynamic rhythm that does not stop either day or night.
  • Mikonos Island has been placed in the heart of the Kilaza archipelago. C
May to September, there's a hot weather here. You have the right to enjoy the luxury beach rest, fascinating tours, night-night party, hospitality of restaurants and local establishments, entertainment programmes.
  • The famous sights to visit every tourist: Windows, Archaeology Museum and Ega Sea Museum, chapel, old churches and temples.
  • The bright nature, the lazour waves, the magic landscapes will give you a lot of unique photographs that will be happy for a long time with your soul and admiration.
  • For diving lovers, there are professional diving centers that will help you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.
  • There's a few super romantic booths on the island, where you can arrange an unforgettable dinner with a second half or spend the whole day in a calm, cool atmosphere.
  • There are noodles beaches on the island.
  • Rest on Mikonos Island is so popular among tourists from all over the world that if you want to go to the best hotels, you need to take care of the reservation in advance.
  • This island is very colorful and multifaceted. Mykonos are often compared to Ibica because the level of club life here is highest.
  • When you're on vacation for Mikonos, you can visit a small island of Delos. This island of the museum has become a host for the God of Light and the Arts of Apollo.
  • In shape, the island resembles a triangle that is scattered by boots and surrounded by small islands. Mikonos is often called a rocky desert. There are no buoy green zones, the whole area is covered by the rocks. There are no rivers, only waterfalls that also attract tourists with their beauty and greatness.

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