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Paphos, with his landscape, sun swelling, cedar forests, beautiful beaches and antiques Thousands and thousands of people are always attracted to monuments.

Right there, Where the mountains are close to the sea, there's a unique microclimate. In the most eager days here, you will not suffer from the heat, but your distracted. The face will cool the fresh sea breeze. Paphos is warm from three sides. The Mediterranean, and therefore the climate is soft during the round and fits all.

Place of birth Aphrodites, where every woman can swim to be loved and welcome. Dionisia Mozaki, King's mysterious tombs, 16th century fortress In savage harbour, Visantian churches, cathedrals and many museums. Witnesses The old ones will find a lot interesting for themselves.

Paphos The Kato-Paphos aquarium provides a unique opportunity to review With an exotic underwater world. There are countless souvenirs in the city. shops. The popularity of tourists - local circus, cutting, metal cartridges, traditional jewelry and ceramics.

Paphos attracts Gurmans are restaurants offering exquisite meals. Clubs and hotels located along the shore, along with their surrounding boutiques, give peaks to cosmopolitics Wednesday. You have a choice tonight: a romantic walk on the coast and dinner. in a national Cyprus restaurant or one of the nightclubs you've been looking at. and discotheques.

The city offers The biggest choice of hundreds of restaurants and cozy pubs that make amazing. It tastes like local dishes. Enjoy the warmth of the natural beauty of the city, its a bright night life and the exclusive hospitality of the local population.

Sure. Come to Paphos, you'll like it!

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