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Unique tours to the UAE from Ukraine

The United Arab Emirates is a fairy tale. In this amazing country, there was a desert, poverty and this state. Today, the United Arab Emirates is shrouded in legends and luxury, which has settled in all corners of the country. The UAE is destroying traveler’s perception of opportunity like no other country in the world. Its unusual cities with skyscrapers, Arab palaces, man-made islands, snow-white beaches of the Persian Gulf, luxury cars and restaurants of all cuisines of the world prove this.

Holidays in the UAE can be the most diverse. Buying a tour to this country, you can be sure that your vacation will be unforgettable. You will find a wonderful beach holiday and luxury hotels in the United Arab Emirates, acquaintance with the history and culture of the country, entertainment in numerous centers, diving into the ocean depths or dizzying trips through the golden dunes of the desert. Tours to the Emirates always can offer something that suits your taste. Emirates has become one of the richest and busiest centers of the modern world. It is simply impossible to guess what will happen in a few years in the UAE, because it is impossible to keep up with the speed of development.

All seven emirates are different from each other; therefore, during a holiday in the United Arab Emirates, it is difficult for travelers to stay in one. Often tourists try to connect several regions in order to see all the most interesting and enjoy the trip as much as possible.

YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge specializes in luxury tourism. We will help you to organize premium class tours to the UAE, departing from Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro or Odessa. We take into account all the wishes and requests of our customers in order to find the perfect option. Couples, newlyweds, youth companies can find their paradise in the Emirates. Each person has their own idea of ​​a perfect vacation and we will gladly fulfill all your expectations.

Book tours to the UAE from Kyiv and we will provide you with an unforgettable vacation in one of the most developed and luxurious countries in the world. We know the most prestigious resorts of the Emirates and are ready to create a premium class package for you, and your dreams of a perfect vacation come true.

Benefits of traveling with YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge

A wide range of tours and an individual approach. We will be happy to organize your trip to anywhere in the world, select the best accommodation option, and assist in leisure planning. Our prices for luxury holidays will surely please you.

We cooperate with the best world tour operators.

Event tourism

YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge provides an opportunity not only to admire the beauty of countries, but also to join various world events. We can easily organize a trip and reserve tickets for carnivals, festivals, sports competitions, concerts in any corner of the planet.

Travel agency YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge brings to your attention Wedding tours. We will assist in organizing wedding ceremonies not only in the Emirates, but also all over the world. Managers of YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge are ready to present you a wide variety of honeymoon programs.

Here you can buy tours to the most prestigious resorts in the world. You do not have to waste your time choosing the best option. We will provide you with all the necessary information and help you decide on the tour as soon as possible.

We form individual tours for our clients that will satisfy all the wishes and requests of our VIP clients.

We are ready to organize an exciting trip from Ukraine to any country of your choice.

Our main office operates in Kyiv. We are always glad to see our regular and new customers visiting us. Here you can find out the cost of tours, as well as the nuances and features of traveling to a particular country.

The most popular resorts in the Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Here you will find delightful hotels, magnificent beaches, city panoramas combined with green oasis parks, shopping centers and oriental markets. Mosques, numerous fountains, the palace of Sheikh Al-Jaraf and the island of Sir Bani Yas, which has become home to rare species of animals, are concentrated here. Holidays in the emirate of Abu Dhabi are one of the most expensive, but the price undoubtedly corresponds to a high level of service.

Dubai is a popular resort where all the best is concentrated - the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, the ancient quarters of Deira, the most impressive artificial Palm Island, and the best shopping centers in the UAE. Tourism in this region is very popular, because here hot desert safaris are replaced by a ski resort, camel racing, Formula 1 Grand Prix. In addition, Dubai is a real Mecca for shopaholics. Here you can buy anything at any price.

Sharjah is ideal for tourists who travel with children. Sharjah is the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, where many museums, theaters and art galleries are concentrated. In addition, Sharjah is a true paradise for fans of diving and windsurfing. History buffs can visit the old district of Merej, the Faisal Mosque, the Holy Quran Monument and the Progress Monument. Prices for holidays in this emirate are lower than in others, but at the same time, there is enough entertainment. Here you can go for an exciting shopping and buy many original souvenirs for your loved ones, as well as please yourself with new clothes.

Ras Al Khaimah is the greenest emirate with ancient sights - forts, watchtowers, beautiful mosques. In addition, this resort has become famous for its thermal springs and amazing SPA centers.

Umm Al Quwain is a small emirate of the UAE, which is suitable for travelers looking for peace and quiet. Here you can see many old buildings, visit the Al-Seneiya nature reserve, watch camel races or spend time on the beaches of the azure lagoons. If you are traveling with children, do not forget to buy tickets to the Dreamland Water Park and the Aquarium of the Marine Research Center.

Ajman is another emirate where peace and tranquility reign. He became famous for his pearls and shipbuilding. Hot springs, white sand beaches, quiet streets and coastal restaurants - all this is a carefree vacation in Ajman, where the cost of recreation is much lower than in the central regions.

Fujairah is an emirate with magnificent landscapes, beaches, fabulous Al-Wurraya waterfalls, magical gardens of Ain al-Madhab, and thermal springs of Ain al-Ghamur. In Fujairah, you can go uphill or dive into the seabed, relax on the beach or learn about history by exploring the forts, towers and tombs.

Climate features in the UAE

The climate in the UAE is dry subtropical. Rainy days are extremely rare - their average annual number is about five per year, and they occur in the winter period (December, January and February). In winter, the average temperature at night is +15, during the day +21 degrees. In summer, the average temperature at night is +30, and in the daytime +40. The water temperature on the beaches in winter is +19, in summer +35.

The hottest and driest month of the year is July, the coldest is January, and the rainiest is February. One of the features of the UAE climate is the low oxygen content in the air - about 80% of normal. Therefore, some tourists may experience slight lethargy and drowsiness during their stay in the country.

From October to May, the UAE enjoys beautiful warm weather. The temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, the sun is not as merciless as in summer, and the evenings are warm and quiet. Peak tourist season falls these months.

In summer, the air temperature can exceed + 50 degrees, even many local residents during this period leave for other countries where the climate is not so merciless.

Clothing made of cotton and cotton-based fabrics is ideal for hot summer time. In winter, when it can be cool at night and in the morning, you may also need a sweater.

Is the local climate bad for health? It is not so much the heat that is harmful, but the frequent temperature changes when moving from the street to the air-conditioned room and back. Although, of course, do not forget about the awning, hat and sunblock. It is advisable to drink at least six glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration. Doctors also recommend eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking laban (local fermented milk drink) to cool the body. The water in the hotel pools cools down in the summer; otherwise, it would warm up to 25 degrees and would not bring freshness.

The main life in the UAE begins in the evening, so do not be discouraged if you slept safely in the room for the first half of the day.

Arriving here in the summer, you can significantly save on accommodation and flights. In addition, the Dubai Summer Surprises festival is held in the summer, including all kinds of shows and sales.

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