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The name of Sandalotis, that's the name on the island, that's what the ancient Greeks look like, and that means a trace left on the water. In fact, in its form, the island resembles a thorough sandalia. Sardinia has a rich history, because only one who hasn't planted the island for the millenniums: Arabs, Romans, visas, Spanish and Greeks. And about 3,000 years ago, there was some civilization in Sardinia that built the entire island of Nuraga, big round megalitic towers without roof. Now, the Nuragi, which has been preserved over 7,000, is a historic heritage that the islanders are thrivingly shored.

Sardinia's islands landed near the western coast of Italy, south of Corsiki. Sardinia's tours are popular, because it's a unique place that combines fabulous nature and great recreation. There are magnificent rocks approaching white sand beaches that break the transparent sea waters. The islands are covered by green palm, soda, olive, orange and lemon gardens. There's a bright, healthy flower all over the island.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, 270 km long and 120 km wide. The islands are wasted by the Tyre Sea. Mostly on the island, a mountainous terrain with the highest point of 1834 m on Mount Monti del Gennargentu.

Most of the island is archaeological and natural sanctuaries, where pink flamingos are rotated during the period of Africa ' s intersegon. Sea waters off the coast of Sardinia are transparent and clean, transfusing unusual shades of blue and green. Sardinia is attracting divers from all corners of the world to its rich underwater world. The islands are considered to be the most beautiful and fittest in Italy. On your way to Sardinia, you'll see the island's natural beautys, which are transmitted in border rocks similar to giant sculptures scattered by wind and water, waterfalls and lakes, cozy white sand bottles.

Most of the hotels on Sardinia are built as two-storey bottches and villas, which prevents them from disrupting the natural landscape, and the tourists will end up in harmony. Building architecture implemented in classical

Mediterranean style. Most often, Sardinia is associated with the island of millionaires, as the coast of Costa Smeralda has long looked at world celebrities, businessmen and politicians.

Rest in Sardinia in Italy will surprise not only its nature but also its historical heritage. There are necropolis of Finicians and Roman amphitheatres, genues fortresses, Roman churches and gotics.

The Yana Luxury Travel Tour Company team will help carry out your dream of sardinium at best prices. Tour prices in Sardinia are based on travellers ' preferences, be they diving tourism, tournament, beach, water sports, youth travel, etc.

Rest on Sardinia Island. South Bank

Callari - Sardinia's administrative centre is located on the south coast of the island. Kalyari is an important port city with old ruins, a lot of narrow pieces and carphagenic fortifications. The city center steals the medieval towers, the Slons and San Pancracio. During your tour in Italy to Sardinia in Kaliari, you will enter the medieval neighbourhoods where there are wealthy families. Callari is the city of churches and palaces. It's on the beaches of Calari that you can see rare birds - pink flamingo. Hurry up and pick up Sardinia's tour from Kiev to meet the beauty of the island.

Santa Margarita de Pula - an area of 10 km long distance from the island ' s capital - 35 km. Santa-Margarita-di-Pula celebrated with his infinite sandy beaches, havoc and palm groves, and transparent, lasur waters. Santa Margarita-di-Pula has the best conditions for water and horse sports, golf and tennis.

Kia, Theulada, Willasimus and Costa Ray - The resorts that will be interesting for submarines, because it is here that we are immersed to the sinking vessels, because the recreation at the Sardinium Sea is not only the primary beaches, but also the great places for the divine, so we recommend that you draw attention to the prices of the Sardinia travel. The tours on Sardinia will open you incredibly.

beautiful coral reefs. Not far from Villasimus on the side of Kallari (20 km), a square has been parked, so you can go boldly to Sardinia with the kids.

Rest on Sardinia. West Coast

Algero - This town will like mid-century architects. The old neighborhood of the city reflects Spanish culture, where Catalonian dialect sounds today. Neptune ' s graves, marine caves and aquarium where many species of submarine are collected, will be interesting to visit. But the city ' s greatest asset is the sea where coral production is currently under way, which is why the name " Coral Rivière " has been placed behind the coast.

Oristano - located in the centre of the western coast of Sardinia, near the architectural sites: the Nuragi complex in Barumini, the collapse of the ancient Roman city of Tarros and the Santa Cristina archaeological complex. There's one of the best manoeuvres on the island and 50 horses of the Anglo-Arab Sard. There have been many international competitions on the complex. This place will be perfect for end-of-life amateurs.

Stintino, Fertilia - Small cities in the north-western part of the island, near Algero. Stintino towns, Fertilia, are famous for vacation on Sardinia's white beaches.

Best vacation in Sardinia. North Coast

Immeraldo shore - has a camminist area covered by shining plants that are adjacent to white sand beaches. The cost of recreation of this resort on Sardinia (Italy) is considered the most expensive on the island. The Luxury Collection, Starwood, The Charming Hotels are concentrated here. The resort attracts divers, because at 10 to 42 metres deep, there are many submarine caves where unique marine habitats can be seen at the time of immersion: coloured fish, muren, octopus, langusts and seawear.

Santa Theresa de Gallura - The northernest point of Sardinia, located only a few kilometers from Corsiki. This area will surprise travelers with their painting landscapes:

rocks that in shape resemble animals, among sand greens in the background of the blue sky and the lazurous sea.

North coast resorts are perfectly suited to surf, where winds and waves always reach 5 m.

Sardinia alone can celebrate a collection of wine that exceeds 100 species. The varieties of grapes are specially removed and grow only on the island. That's why Sardinia's island can not only be seen, but it's worth a hundred times. Whatever Sardinia's resort you've chosen, Yana Luxury Travel managers will help you find a recreation program on the island, a hotel and a travel price. ? PICTURE ID=427 H=180 W=118 TABLE=resort

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