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Forte Village Resort - Il Castello

Forte Village Resort

Номера с большими балконами, террасами и видом на море


В нескольких метрах от отеля


21 ресторан и 14 баров

Hotel description

Forte Village Resort - Il Castello- The elegant hotel in the Mediterranean style is situated between the parent grove and the cozy beach of the resort. From hotel rooms. Exclusive apartheid, which is located on 4 and 5 floors, enjoys a panoramic species of the sea, from all windows, balconies and terrace, a vibratory view of the seas and mountains. The hotel has its own pool with heating, a great restaurant in Cavalieri, drowning in a dense green, will welcome the guests a pleasant atmosphere and a fortepian music.

Forte Village Resort Sardinia's guests have everything in their possession.in ItalyExclusive services, luxury restaurants offering a menu of high kitchens and cozy bars.

Accommodation at Forte Village Resort - Il Castello

Number In the 5-star hotel Forte Village Resort - Il Castello Rooms in the following categories: Superior Room (Superior Garden, Superior Garden (Superior Garden), Superior Mare High Species (Superior Mare), Sea-Operation Number (Executive Mare)

Also has a comfort family number range of Castle Garden, They would certainly like guests wishing to rest in private.

The 4th and 5th Representational Floors are located in Lukes and Polluxes with a separate registration desk providing high-quality individual services. The rooms and Lukes are equipped with a bathroom with a bathroom and a shower cab (some rooms have a hydromass bath, and Prestige and Advanced Prestige numbers are equipped with baths with chromotherapy functions). The numbers, additional beds and child beds are provided upon request.

In each number: Wi-Fi, satellite television, telephone, air conditioner, stereo system, safe, mini-bar, phen.

Rooms overview
Hotel Il Castello is part of the Forte Village Resort complex located in the south Sardin Island42 kilometres from Kaliari.

Tallasotherapy- It is possible to relax, calm and calm through climatic factors such as the sun, seawater comfort and dirt.

Aurved Park- restore your physical and spiritual health through aurved medicine.

Medical SPA- Suggests treatment methods to restore the physical condition of visitors.

SelamSelam's installations are designed to train in high salt water.

Spice for life- Alfons Shubek's program, which is perfect for complementing and improving the efficiency of detox procedures.

Mass therapyThalasso del Forte Village.

unique talassotherapy procedures The patented Angelo Cherin.

Esthetic procedures- unique procedures that combine quality cosmetics with best technologies for estetic medicine.

Fitoapteca- offers treatment grass and grass.

Fitz SPA- Let's get a good physical form with a team of Forte Village trainers.

A Castello pool dedicated to guests of the hotel is located a little away from the hotel. Other pools of the complex are also available.

In the hotel, guests are accessible:9 Fresh and marine water basins, Leisure Land sporting and recreational complex, including a 500-metre track for carting, bowling (seven tracks), pumps, basketball, volleyball, mini-futball, 12 tennis boats (7 land coatings), two squeeze-fishing areas, 5 melting

Forte Village sports academies, where individual training is conducted, can be provided with useful skills to improve technology in command and individual sports and play under the supervision of well-known professionals.
At the disposal of guests: Cipollini bicycle academy, tennis academy, basketball academy, Dsola Chelsea football academia, cricket academy, rugby academy, swimming academy, noball academy, glass academy, boarding academy of the thinnis Killerspin.
For amateurs of sound evenings and spinsters: Forte Fortissimo, entertainment in the new Pyazcetta area and a bunch of famous brands at the Maria Luigia mall. Also,Dry guests at the Forte Village Resort Waterfront Suites Hotel include: island tours, sea walks and various entertainment programmes.
The hotel has a big, like-minded beach with small white sand, a float entrance to water and cane umbrellas,Consular services are provided. Due to good geographical location, no winds and soft microclimate are exposed.
Kids Wonderland - An amazing boarding club for small guests of the resort, whose staff received specialized education and certified by the Worldwide Kids. In Wonderland there are:
Mario City - named after an original friend - a parrot. It's a small urban area with a fountain surrounded by eight miniature houses, every 10 m2 area. Each house is dedicated to some subject: a fire station (and even a special uniform), a restaurant, a library, a municipal building, a cinema, a supermarket, a gas station and a beauty salon. Every day, the kids are waiting for new games, and by reintroducing others, they will be able to develop their identity and social skills.
Fisher Price One of the most beautiful kindergartens for babies in the world with all kinds of games and fun.
Hotwheels - It's the world of little Formula Gongers. Here, the kids can run the fastest cars in the world.
Barbie House - unforgettable vacations in Barbie. Barbie House is an admirable bedroom in Barbie style, and fun events at Barbie Activity Center in the resort, and many other interesting events.
Thomas the Tank Engine Train- The kid's cartoon who meets the kids at the front door and rides them to Wonderland's Oasis.
Wonderlab - creativity, entertainment and ecology in a new crafted corner. Children use ceramic origa and Velcro plugs to create different deals.
Children's restaurant - The menu of the restaurant includes delicious and healthy dishes.
Childhood Laguna, a pool with a frog and a pool with water pots.
U-club tiniers A club where teenagers are waiting for entertainment and sports.

Nanny services (for additional fees), child goods store, etc.

Castello Hotel restaurants:

Numbers: Superior, Superior Garden, Superior Mare and Executive Mare.

Restaurant Cavalieri, In an adorable garden with a pleasant piano music every night is the perfect place for an excellent breakfast or a five-star dinner in the form of a Swedish table, with a show of grill cooking at night.

Breakfast It's in Cavalieri.

Restaurants for dinner included in semi-pancion, free of charge:

Cavalieri, A restaurant in the garden in the form of a Swedish table, a grill, live music (without reservation).

Belavista on the coast of the sea, with menu ”a la maps” (pre-requirement).

Restaurant Pineta - in the form of a Swedish table (mineral water and 1⁄2 bottles of domestic wine are included in the cost of living). No reservation.

Forte Grill: diversity of meat assort on grill. No reservation.

Sardinsky restaurant: local delicts (pre-booking)

Brazilian restaurant: (pre-requirement)

Forte Village Resort:

Hell’s Kitchen - Italian food restaurant. The winner of the Italian television program runs the first restaurant in the world, the Ada Kitchen. The restaurant is located at the Oasis pool.

Belvedere - Italian and Sardine's restaurant. A la carte. The view of the gardens.

Le Dune - Italian food restaurant. Fish and seafood blues. A la carte. Positioned near the beach. A view at sea.

Cavalieri - 5-star restaurant with services in the form of the Swedish table. In the hot season, the Cavalieri restaurant is open only to guests living in five stars. The guests residing in the 4-star rooms should book the place in advance. Additional charges are charged.

Fishmarket - A restaurant. Fish and seafood blues, cheese, ice cream. Positioned near the beach. A panoramic view at sea. Open for lunch from 12:30 to 14:30 from July to September.

Pizzeria - pizza. Pizza, salads, ice cream, desserts. On the shore. Open for lunch from 12:30 to 3:00.

Pineta - A restaurant. The Swedish table. Open for dinner from June to September.

Forte Grill - A restaurant. Blud of meat on grill, snacks, desserts. Open for dinner from 7:30 to 11:00.

Brazilian - The restaurant.

South American kitchen, grill dishes. Open for dinner.

Beachcomber - A restaurant. Fish blues, salads, pasta, ice cream. Open for lunch from 12:30 to 14:30.

Schuhbeck Corner To remain in shape and enjoy life is the main motto of the revolutionary Spice for Life approach developed by the German chef and accessible at this restaurant.

Oasis Pool - bar. Cold snacks, sandwiches, ice cream, wine, beer. At the pool.

Thalasso del Forte - The Mediterranean kitchen restaurant. SPA center.

Sardinian - Sardine's kitchen. On the terrace. The view of the ocean. Open for dinner.

Ristorante Peruviano - Peruvian restaurant, chef Sheila cook.

La Terrazza San Domenico - The romance food, the menu's gonna beat up local seasonal vegetables and fish.

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia - Italian kitchen, terrace room.

Da Rocco Iannone The local kitchen, the view of the Oasis pool, is open during the summer.

Bellavista - International, Italian and Sardine. A la carte. A view at sea and a sunset. Open for breakfast and dinner.

Terrazza Villa del Parco - private place for private breakfast.

Mario's - A children's restaurant where Chief Rosenna Marciale's culinary miracles are made by the bearer of the star Michelen. A special menu has been developed for the pleasure of small guests of the resort in the restaurant, and the creativity in the processing of the dishes leads visitors to unwritten adversity.

Condite Davide Comaschi - The magnitis for sausage is between Louise and Forte Bay.

Heinz Beck - A restaurant headed by a famous chef, who is the star of Michelin. Under his leadership of the restaurant kitchen, there are three other chefs of Mislenov stars.

Kulinary School “Forte Gourmet” - for guests who want to satisfy their curiosity and test their culinary skills. Learn to cook the most sophisticated traditional Italian dishes, from pasta and fish to desserts, and have a good time. It's a readout.

Recreation is available 14 bars.

  • Internet;
  • Business Centre;
  • Multilingual staff;
  • Excursion services;
  • Storage chamber;
  • Magazines;
  • Sports academy;
  • Cleaning, laundry;
  • Park;
  • Transfer.

Forte Village Resort has twenty-one conference rooms, 15 to 2030 square metres, capacity: 900.

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