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Elite tours to the Seychelles from YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge
Tours to the Seychelles is one of the most prestigious holidays that wealthy tourists can afford. There are more than a 100 islands, 82 are uninhabited. Going here, you find yourself in a heavenly place washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. Turquoise waves and warm, clean sand await you. The inspiring atmosphere will make you forget about all the problems, hardships and restore spiritual balance. Holidays in the Seychelles, in addition to vivid impressions, will give you a collection of unique, bright pictures.
Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles where the capital of the country, the city of Victoria, is located. The international airport located here as well, accepting arrivals from Ukraine and from other countries. Every year the country is visited by thousands of tourists who want to enjoy an amazing vacation on the most picturesque islands in the world.
Just think, in the XV-XVI centuries, the Seychelles were a favorite place for pirates, and today this resort has become a paradise for stars, successful personalities, and lovers of first-class summer holidays.
Holidays in the Seychelles is an incredible kaleidoscope of vivid emotions and events. Magnificent landscapes, turquoise waves and luxury in every detail. A ticket to this country opens the door to a real fairy tale, the world of romance, love and relaxation. Tours to the Seychelles are created for couples in love, because a special romantic atmosphere reigns here. The cost of a tour to the Seychelles is high and not available to everyone, but if there is the slightest chance to go here, be sure to use it. Holidays in the Seychelles will change your life forever, give you new dreams and unforgettable emotions. It will take more than eight hours to fly from Kyiv to the Seychelles. This is how long the average human sleep lasts. Imagine that you fell asleep and woke up already in a completely different fairy-tale world, where the sun shines brighter, where the colors of nature are saturated with love and inspiration, where exoticism and a special inspiring atmosphere reign. One of the most popular periods for traveling from Ukraine to the Seychelles is winter. Many tourists dream of celebrating the New Year in the enchanting atmosphere of the tropics, among palm trees and turquoise waves.
YANA Luxury Travel & Concierge specializes in luxury holidays. Tours to the Seychelles are very popular among tourists who want to spend their holidays in luxurious conditions. The cost of tours to this country is calculated individually, depending on the wishes of the client, the duration of the tour, location and special privileges. To find out how much an acceptable tour will cost you, you can come to our office, which is located in Kyiv. Our managers will advise you and present a number of options and proposals individually for your request. We cooperate with world tour operators and always present our clients with the best of the best options for premium vacations. We will recommend you the most prestigious resorts, hotels, villas in the world and make your cherished dreams of a perfect vacation come true.

Features of rest in the Seychelles
Tours to the Seychelles is an opportunity to plunge into the enchanting world of the exotic, full of relaxation and inspiration. The Seychelles give their guests the incredible beauty of natural landscapes. Photos taken in these fabulous places will become a real decoration of your collection.
Holidays in these parts are most popular among couples in love, newlyweds, because here the whole atmosphere is saturated with romance and inspiration to awaken passion and increase love.
In addition, the Seychelles are very popular among diving fans, because the underwater world is distinguished by its colorfulness and diversity.
The Seychelles archipelago has a very comfortable, mild tropical climate. There is no excessive heat or unpleasant coolness here. Throughout the year, stable warm weather persists here. The temperature is kept within + 25 to 30 degrees. Between June and November, it is a little windy here (monsoons reign). It often rains from December to May.

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