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What do you expect this summer in the sunny Maldives?

It's time for long-lived vacations and summer holidays. Which means the beach lines are becoming very relevant. Today, we'll talk about the latest news of this summer. Maldives

Чего ожидать этим летом на солнечных Мальдивах?

Maldives is one of the most active sectors of the world tourism industry in 2016

Today, the population of the Republic of Maldives is 342,000. This small number of inhabitants comprises 108 hotels, 14 urban hotels, 86 haus and 94 cruise ships. The largest number of guests in Maldives come from China, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and India. The Russian market is now in the sixth place. For many indicators, the Maldives is one of the leaders of the world tourism industry (one of the world ' s best beaches, luxury hotels, beauty of nature).

In addition, the annual Italia Travel Awards ceremony called Maldives the best beach in 2016. The main competitors were named Sails and Polynesiathe 2nd and 3rd seats, respectively.

Чего ожидать этим летом на солнечных Мальдивах?

Partial renovation of the registration fund and the hotel infrastructure in Seyshel and Maldives

Hotel Four Seasons Landaaa Giraavaru Renovates two categories of Sunrise and Sunset Water Villas with Pool, repairs to 31 August 2016. Sunrise and Sunset Water Villas will also be available for new armoring all summer.

We're also in a hurry to remind you that the water bungalow is in the hotel. Four Seasons Kuda Huraa closed since early April. The hotel is hoping to complete the renovation by the end of November, but it is likely that they will be sold only from the beginning of next year.

The thing is, at the hotel, the numbers change in principle, all the pools do, so none of the new numbers will be equivalent to the old one. At the end of the renovation, new categories of villa will emerge: Water Villa with pool Sunrise/Sunset and 3 BDR Water Suite with pool.

Hotel Velaa Private Island with 05 June
Work will be done on the golf field, which will be available again for the game from 10 July 2016.

Hotel Conrad Beach Villa has been renovating since the beginning of May. Plans: Increase the bathroom and the living room area in all villas, and make them more modern hatch style. During the project, which will last until the end of October, the villas will be shut down by blocks, which will make a small renovation of the hotel guests no obstacle.

Чего ожидать этим летом на солнечных Мальдивах?

Hotel Constance Lemuria Seychelleswill be closed from 22 August to 31 October 2016 to fully update all categories of accommodation and infrastructure.

Hotel Banyan Tree Seychelles During the summer season, there will be a partial reinstatement of the villa: wooden parts will be replaced, rebuilding works in the basins and painting work in the villa area.

The hotels retain the right to change the date of discovery of renovated hotels or categories.

Michael McKalman is the new executive chief at Shangri-La Villingiri, Maldives

To the hotel Shangri-La's Villingili A new executive chef has arrived.

Michael McCalman has 22 years of experience in the culinary industry. He worked at both restaurant and hotel positions. Mac Calman has already passed four stages at different positions in the Shangri-La hotels. As the chef, he took part in the opening of Shangri-La's Futian (Shangen, China), where he played an important role in the culinar success of this hotel.

“We are pleased to report that Chief Michael has continued his journey with Shangri-La's. His wealth of experience, along with his skilled understanding of corn surgery in 5* hotels, would benefit the resort. We look forward to his new culinary creations, so we're taking a little longer to remember our guests, and Alvin Drego, Director General Shangri-La's Villingili Resort.

As a professional chef in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Maldives and Great Britain, Michael Calman has extensive international experience. In Shangri-La's Villingili, he'll carry
Responsible for the overall direction of the hotel, as well as managing the financial costs of the FISB Division, to monitor staff. In addition, he will monitor the menu at the O-Ghan private airport terminal located on a neighbouring island. His experience and knowledge should be of undeniable benefit to Shangri-La's Villingili Resort Spa.

Чего ожидать этим летом на солнечных Мальдивах?
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