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If you wish to spend your vacation in Greece, then it is on the peninsula of Halkidiki, which consists of three charming parts, Cassandra, Sitonia and Afon. Tours in Halkidik will like amateurs to warm up in the sun wishing to know the country ' s ancient history, worship the sanctuaries of all Orthodox people, Mount Afon.

Rest on Halkidiki is a charm for tourists.

The beautiful nature of the Halkidik is adjacent to the transparent sea and the purple tops of the mountains. It's the peninsula that reminds me of a big hand with three fingers, islands where one lives. On the Halkidiks, any tourist will find himself entertaining for any taste: tourists will be able to visit the casino, visit the fascinating show, walk on the painting coast, ride on the white yacht, golf or surf.

Halkidiki ' s rest in Greece is a comfortable and calm time in five-star hotels with pools, luxury restaurants, and reckless service.

2016 Halkidik, Kasandra

Kasandra fell in love with tourists because of a long coastline and golden sand beaches. If you wish to rest in the Halkidiks (Greece) at sea, then you should choose that part of the peninsula. This is the perfect area for warm beam fans and water sports.

If you stop burying and swimming in the clean waters of the Aegean Sea, then you should go for a walk around the neighborhood. There is a mountain of Afon, antique ruins and natural sights, such as the Holomont forests, the Petralon cave.

The victors of active recreation will like yachting, horse rolling, surfing, submarine, golf, nature walks.
Of course, tours to Greece in Halkidiki suggest a gastronomical pleasure of traditional kitchens. In restaurants, you'll be able to enjoy the meals of the sea.

Situnia is the best place on Halkidiks to rest with children.

Seatonia is the middle peninsula. The Halkidik ' s hotels provide unpredictable services and various kinds of recreation, so they benefit from recreational activities in families with children. There's a way to get away in the small.

The bottles are right on the beach. Seatonia floods often visit the savalangis, and sand beaches were specially designed for this sport.

Christian sanctuary is Mount Afon

Afon is the third part of the peninsula overcrowded by secrets and is equated with a separate State that lives in church canons and allows only men to enter its territory. Only professors of history, theology and philosophy can obtain an entry visa, and ordinary visitors are required to receive an application from the Greek authorities. Only 120 people are allowed to visit the territory of the Republic on a daily basis. Over 50 km, 20 spiritual centres of a variety of Christian cultures have been located, with 1,700 monks living permanently.

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