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Prestigious Rest in Italy

Rest in Italy is a Kaleidoscope of emotions. On the resorts of this temperamental European country, you have a great service, a warm sea, a mountain, a developed infrastructure, a rich history, a collection of admirable architectural works, sophisticated restaurants, fashion boutiques.

Italy attracts tourists with its comfortable beach resorts, where it is so pleasant to enjoy all the benefits of an elite summer vacation. In Italy's lazy shores, your vacation will be filled with memories, great sunset, fascinating landscapes that inspire emotions.

If you want to change your summer vacation and you don't want to go to the sea, you're recommending to visit the beautiful Italian lakes. Como or Garda♪ Here you can enjoy quiet, peace, harmony. By taking a comfortable boat to rent, you will see unique features of local flora and fauna. Also, there are admirable virtues in these places, each with more than a hundred years of history.

Our company organizes a first-class vacation in Italy with a comfortable flight from Kiev. The tour will be a great gift for parents or a close man. In Italy, you can also send your child to summer holidays. We have an individual approach to every client. We take into account all the customers' wishes and put into practice the dreams of perfect rest. Italy is a multifaceted country that is able to meet the wishes of the most tempted, demanding tourists. The actual cost of the tour can be found by our managers.

Happiness doesn't have a price, so you don't have to refuse to visit Italy's best resorts.

Italy is a multi-faceted country for multi-dimensional rest year round

A fascinating tour, a shopping, a delicious kitchen, a lazur coast rest, or a dramatic mining set that you'll choose?

Italy provides its guests with a multi-faceted platform for entertaining time. There's every tourist here, any age and partiality, finding a class of taste. You can enjoy the beach rest on the country's fascinated resorts, visit the islands or go to the mining resort, get better.

mineral sources, study architecture RomeFlorence or go on a romantic trip Venice

When you come to this country, you can rent a car and go on a trip to Italy to enjoy beauty, greatness, multidimensionality of famous cities, towns and resorts, lakes and preserves, gardens and parks. They're waiting for painting landscapes, luxury clean beaches, plains and mountains.

Italy is famous for its thermal sources and unique spa programmes. A lot of tourists come here to merge the rest with the health procedures.

Mining resorts in Italy are also very popular. Having appeared in this country, you have unique opportunities. You're right to choose between the first-class winter and the fabulous summer vacation. You have clean beaches, coasts, bays, high mountains with great resort zones.

The Italian tour is an opportunity to see art masterpieces, great paintings of the rebirth, statues, ancient architectural monuments.

The Italian cuisine is a unique area that needs to be addressed separately. The price of delicious food wants to visit the cooking tour in Italy. Gastrotours allow for abundant national kitchens, to enter the country ' s most prestigious restaurants, where the chefs make real masterpieces, in which all are inaccurate: appearance, aromat, presentation, taste and posterity. You can try tyramis, carpachio, risotto, lasagna, pasta, pizza and other dishes.

Tours in Italy are very popular among the fans of fashion trends. Shoping is famous for its diversity. Here are the fabulous boutiques of the world's brands Gucci, Prada, DolceGabbana, Versace, Armani, Dior. Milan's the favorite place of all the modules and fashions.

You can go to Italy with a loved man, the whole family, send your parents there. Tours in Italy are very popular with couples with children, because the environment for comfortably rests with babies.

If you've decided to go on a romantic journey, you've got to be on Shakespeare Verona's description,

A rare and romantic Venice, where you'll be able to travel around the city on a gondola. Also, don't miss the chance to go to Florence, the most romantic city in Italy.

Vip to Italy from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

Our company is an expert in the organization of elite recreation. We are in the process of selecting the best bids based on individual client preferences.

We only work with the Italian tour operators, so the expectations of our clients are always justified. We provide tour selections, information escorts, counselling, comfortable flights from Kiev (Ukraine), settlement in luxury apartments with primary services. We can buy the best VIP to Italy at the best price. We're saving your time. You don't have to search on the Internet about hotels, tour operators, look at millions of photographs, commentaries. You can fully rely on our experience and professionalism, because we have the best hotels, resorts, health centres. If we wish, we can form exclusive tours for you with a separate travel, guided tours, food and entertainment program. The prices of travel to Italy are always individualized, depending on the season chosen, the prestige of the hotel, resort, additional services, rest time.

In order to know the cost of the trip to Italy, you can contact YANA Luxury Travel Concierge and our managers will provide you with the most relevant information, advice and help in finding a suitable tour.

The trip to Italy is always a bright event that leaves behind a memorable, special mark in the heart. Once you've been in the same region, you'll certainly want to understand Italy, with all its contrasts and phenomena.

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