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Лайнер Star Flyer

Hotel description

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4 passenger decks, 85 cabinets: 79 beds with an ocean view and 6 inner, 1 main restaurant with all passengers, live music, 2 open basins, a small manganese, a library with fire, diving, water skis.


French Polynesia
Paneete (Taiti) - O. Murea (Polynesia) - Bora Bora (o. Bora-Bora) - Rangiroa (o. Toumotu) - O. Fatou-Hiv (Markys) - O. Hiva-Oa (Markys) - O. Nukou-Hiv

French Polynesia
Paneete (Taiti) - O. Huahine (Polynesia) - O.Raiathea (Polynesia) - O.Taaa (Polynesia) - O.Bora-Bora - O. Murea (Polynesia) - Panete (Thaiti), 8 days/ 7 nights.

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