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News by the Dominican Republic 13.05.2017

To present to you the most relevant news of the Dominican Republic. Details of the country ' s waterfalls and cascades, the astronomical future of Dominica and the new outfit in Puerto Plata.

Dominician waterfalls engulf more tourists

Dominican Republic It's possible to offer a tourist much more than just the sun, the sea and the sand. The country has unique natural reserves, which, hidden by vegetation, have been forgotten for a long time. Among them, vice-sized waterfalls and cascades are magnificent, bright with crystal-free water.
Given the country ' s warm and moisture climate, travel to waterfalls has great pleasure, both asthical and physical.
Nothing compares to a sense of freedom when you climb up a mountain, close your eyes and jump in a cool depth, overflowing solar faces, and then sit on a rock and listen to the noise of a drip that breaks on the water well.
Some of the most vibrant water cascades can be distinguished.
El Limon Waterfall approximately 50 metres high in the same province in the peninsula Samana♪ In the middle of the tropical forest, it enters the natural pool with cold water.
Cascad of 27 Damahagua waterfalls - Another water mass that attracts true adventurers. Stolen in the beautiful hills of Central Cordiller, this natural phenomenon is part of the system of protected areas in the country. The Damahagua River National Reserve consists of 27 different waterfalls. Visitors here can swim, jump and dive until a deep evening.
And finally, La Halda waterfall In Michez, it is considered the highest in the Caribbean region, reaching more than 120 metres and striking the beauty and transparency of the water, the drops of which are plunged into the light. The exotic fauna and flora of Dominians leave no one indifferent, growing year after year.
Travellers. In 2016, 350,000 tourists visited the provincial reserve areas Puerto Plata, of which 80,000 chose a tour of the Damahagua waterfalls.

Dominica is destined to enter the Michelin catalogue.

Dominicanca Maria Marte, an outstanding cook and the only owner of two Michelin stars in Latin America, visited the third Dominicana Gastronomical Forum, where he was proud of the country ' s gastronomical level. The chief of the Madrid restaurant El Club Allard, also the owner of the two stars, was confident that the day that tourists would begin to come to Dominica for her culinary heritage and the skill of the local chefs would not be high.
In addition to the Michelin stars, which are apotheo of career success in the culinary world, the Harabacoa harvest is also the holder of the National Gastronomy Prize as the best cook Spain and the stars of the Madrid Community, entrusted to successful working women. " Taking into account the remarkable progress in the quality and creativity of the country ' s gastronomical proposal, the day when Dominicana will appear on the map of Michelin ' s catalogue. And I will do my best to speed up this process and to help raise the generation of true novators in the culinary world”, she informed me.
The Dominican Republic is a colonial country, a “multiple voice” of paint and taste.
Culture and location as if they'd prejudge the brightest gastronomical future of Dominica. Hydrogen lands, on the one hand, and the diversity and mixing of cultures, on the other, have created a unique palitre of simple but effective dishes attached to a non-inch creative approach.
Dominican cuisine today - It's a fusion, a merger of the cultures that left their mark in the form of a self-propelled culinary heritage, to which Dominicans are treated with great pride and respect. The Dominican cuisine came from the chastromical customs of Taino and Spanish conquistadors with African, European and even Arab influences, and this creative process was further developed and enriched thanks to it.
The influence of Asians and immigrants from the Greater Antilles.

Tropical rhythms have led to the opening of an amphitheatre in Puerto Plata

The long-awaited discovery of the Puerto Plata amphitheatra was marked by a tropical rhythm festival, where the guests enjoyed the incendiary strong in the performance of Johnny Ventura, Wilfrido Vargas, Fernando Viyalona and Sergio Vargas, a coke salse from Chiquito Team Band, a tom of the popular music of Elvisa Martins. The opening of the amphitheatre, which is an important landmark for the entire northern region, was postponed owing to the floods in Puerto Plata last November. Now, Dominicans with double inspiration levied from a remarkable event.

The capacity of the amphitheatra, which will be the most modern site in the Caribbean region, is 5,000.
The construction will give the guests of Puerto Plata a special Dominican color, as can be seen in national music and dances.

" The new site will offer much more opportunities and artists, not to mention that the project will create many jobs in different sectors. The Amphitheatre will become a kind of entertainment centre, as the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, " noted the artistic leader of the Luis Medrano site. Audio-equipment of amphitheatre was delivered from Netherlands and is the latest. In addition, the site will have a " smart lighting " system, a broad-based screen and techniques for special effects.
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