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The Firm taste of Waldorf Astoria for the third year in a row, bumps the minds of the world's gumans.

Waldorf Astoria Hotels " Resorts is pleased to announce the completion of a regular, third-line project on the Waldorf Astoria Fascience " , a global gastronomical programme, which the famous hotel network operates in cooperation with the leading culinary organization USA James Bird Foundation. The five semi-finals of the Rising Star Foundation James Bird and the elected chief of Waldorf Astoria, who are coupled, will present their meals to a professional jury on 12 July 2017. One of them will be a culinary masterpiece!
This year, the challenge for the contestants is to transform the habit of Happy Hour into an elegant trape consisting of two snacks and the perfect cocktail and alcoholic drinks.
The key criterion for evaluation will be the overall supply of dishes and beverages. " After two successful years, we are pleased to add to the Waldorf Astoria Falls programme a new element of the competition and offer participants not only to create a cult dish, but to reinvent a fully fledged cocktail format, the head of the network says Waldorf Astoria Hotels " Resorts " John Vanderslays. - We are confident that cooperation between our chefs and the rising stars of the James Bird Foundation will help create bold and modern bar networks offering unforgettable gastronomical pleasure for our guests."
The following couples participate in the Waldorf Astoria Fascience competition in 2017:
  • Executive Chief Waldorf Astoria Park City Riker Brown and half-finalist JBF Rising Star Alex Bois.
  • Executive Chef Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah Rudolph Segers and halffinalist of the JBF Rising Star Maximilian Petty.
  • Executive Chief, Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort Ryan Urig and half-finalist JBF Rising Star Irene Lee.
  • Executive Chef Boca Raton Resort Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort Andrew Ryungbek and half-financial JBF Rising Star Sarah
  • Executive Chef Trianon Palace Versailles, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel Frederick Larkeman and halffinalist JBF Rising Star Bradley Kilgor.
  • "In the light of James Bird, the true pioneer of the American cuisine, we are pleased to continue to cooperate with the legendary Waldorf Astoria Hotels, which have made a significant contribution to the development and development of the gastronomical culture, is said by the President of the James Bird Susan Ungaro Foundation. We seek to offer our rising stars better opportunities for global growth, and we are confident that cooperation with recognized Waldorf Astoria masters around the world will create a new vision for cocktail nets."
    As part of the preparations for the Phonal, James Bird Prize winners come to a selected resort for a few days and spends time with a mentor, chief of Waldorf Astoria, to share with him both in the kitchen and outside, visiting local markets and producers of products, restaurants and unknown public places in search of inspiration. Each chef contestant will demonstrate its variation of the cocktail net in the newly opened Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills 12 July 2017, after which a jury of leading cooking experts will determine the winner.
    The net, which will become another Waldorf Astoria flavor, will appear in the menu of 26 hotels and resorts of the Waldorf Astoria Hotels " Resorts all over the world.
    Based on this gastronomy project, the Waldorf Astoria Hotels Resorts presented a new program "Taste of Waldorf Astoria Unforgettable Experiences" is an excellent collection of gastronomical proposals that enables guests to enjoy unique trapes in the best places and hotels of the planet.
    / / / The Firm taste of Waldorf Astoria for the third year in a row, bumps the minds of the world's gumans.