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Outrigger Mauritius offers village delicates

Chumps from the rum banana, exclusive sorbette from gin and tonic and adult beer ice cream offer Mauritian Outrigger.
Chef Outrigger Beach Resort Girt Jean Vartier is invited to a colorful pastoral dinner that will put the guests of the resort into a cozy atmosphere of the traditional Mauritian tree.
Outrigger Маврикий предлагает Деревенские деликатесы
It is proposed to travel in a colonial restaurant of Plantation Club in the resort. After a nice cocktail, the gardener will take a tour of the garden by telling the guests about the grass that they produce, and then they will choose their own dishes.
The guests of the resort will be placed for simple wooden tables in the open air, where they will enjoy improvised mauritan snacks in the forefront of a delicious dinner. And at that time, the chef will take over the work using traditional dishes, such as copper boilers, potassiums and wooden carpets. All the dishes are cooked on charcoal that drains the bucket.

Outrigger Маврикий предлагает Деревенские деликатесы
" Fixed menu simply not " , said Vartier. - "We'll probably create a rich salad from the grass and vegetables, and then a basic meal from chicken or fish curry. It depends on the curiosity, passion and culinary interests of our guests. I assure you, it will be delicious because the dish comes from the heart - and from the depths of our garden. "
Vartier personally selects grass and vegetables for dishes delivered to Plantation Club from local farms, following the principle of " composting straight into the plate " . Here, we can try the meal with the " ladies' fingers " , the sugar beet, and the picnic beetle. In addition, pharmacy, coconut chat, dried shrimp, chili and local achaar (solid cucumbers) will be used for dinner in the village style. It won't cost without the banana shuffles we've got in the local rum.
Outrigger Маврикий предлагает Деревенские деликатесы
The drinks here are always served in the honeymoon, and the waiters serve guests in traditional creole dresses. When the bags go down in the garden, the pier will be setting up old lights, and the singer guitar player will attract popular songs.
For detailed information, please contact our managers by phone: 044,490 73 73.
Outrigger Маврикий предлагает Деревенские деликатесы
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