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Metropole Monte-Carlo Hotel in Monaco is invited to spend the night at the museum.


Oasis luxury, comfort and Prince of the Holy QuadrateMetropole Monte-Carlowith the famous Oceanographic Museum Monaco He invites guests of the hotel on an incredibly fascinating night trip, the purpose of which is to discover the sea secrets and the mystery of the planet.

Under the Just for you programme tourists are given a privileged opportunity to visit the museum without daylights in the cassus and to be able to read the richest exhibit. In Monte Carlo, participants are armed with flashlights and, under the pavement of the night, are sent to the exhibition halls and aquariums of the museum in order to be part of the tour team or to deal independently with the ridings of the oceans.

Monaco ' s Oceanographic Museum is a monumental building built 130 years ago by Prince Albert I of Monaco. In the history of its existence, museums and marine ecosystem researchers have gathered a great collection of ocean flora and fauna, as well as items directly related to the marine business: copies of ships, weapons and tools. Out of curiosity, tourists will find huge waters inhabited by 4,000 fish, two hundred copies of sea invertebrates and countless corals. It is noteworthy that since 1957 the Museum Institute ' s research team has been led by Captain Kusto himself.

Apogee a fabulous night in the Oceanographic Museum will be a cocktail menu from Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo to an open terrace museum with a view to the Mediterranean Sea.

/ / / Metropole Monte-Carlo Hotel in Monaco is invited to spend the night at the museum.