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New openings for 2020


This year, there will be many very important, interesting discoveries in hospitality.

New hotels, restaurants, entertainment parks.

We would like to draw your attention to the five new hotels planned for 2020. Go to the new resorts now. It'll be an unusual and exciting experience. The new hotels should be booked even because, when they open, all hotels offer the best conditions, the most " delicious " prices that will no longer be.

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Netherlands, Amsterdam
Breeze Hotel Amsterdam 4* has already opened its doors to visitors.

This is the first hotel that produces energy for its own consumption.
And not only because of the solar panels on the roof and the facade of the building. He also draws energy from wind, water, photosynthesis, and even, don't believe, from the piano gym. Air conditioning is carried out on a unique patented Climatic Cascade system. It is a mine where the water drops at 13 degrees Celsius, pulling the air down. The summer hot air will cool (e.g. 28 to 19 degrees) and dry. The cold water will dry air because the excess humidity is condensed on cold water drops. The winter cold air is warmed in the climatic cascade, usually between -10 and plus 6.5 degrees Celsius, after which it is further warmed by the auxiliary heater.

OAE, Dubai

The Cote d’Azur Hotel 5*
The hotel is located in the middle of the artificial archipelago Earth (The Earth), in the centre of the main island, Europe. That's what led him to his concept, the beach hotel with the Mediterranean Shik. The Disein of the hotel is a harmonious valley of the limbs of the French Lazourian and Arab luxury. Among the features of the Cote d’Azur Hotel are painting palaces, basins, landscape gardens, beautiful white sand beach, children ' s clubs, water sports, diving, snorkeling. More
In fact, the Lazurny Coast guests will be able to have dinner in a variety of beach cafes and restaurants in the Mediterranean style, enjoy a boot shopping that will work directly on the resort.


Radisson Blu Resort Maldives 5*
Planned hotel opening date, May 2020.
This will be one of the most expected openings of the year. Radisson Blu Resort Maldives is being built on the private island of Huruwali, which is part of the South Ari atoll. From Malé airport, where all international flights usually arrive, local airlines and motor boats will be broadcasted or the resort will be hydrosamolet. The whole time of the journey is about an hour.
Radisson Blu Maldives is a pearl lost in the Indian Ocean latitude. The guests here will be asked to stop one of the 128 villas, most of which are located right above the Indian Ocean blue waters. There are excellent conditions for diving, snorkling and other water sports. There will also be a spa-salon Blue, where you will be offered a variety of spa-procedures.


Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore 5*
Planned hotel opening date - October 2020.
The hotel is surrounded by fabulous painting landscapes and is located on the national golf club of Laguna. From the hotel to Changui International Airport can only be accessed within 10 minutes and to the centre of Singapore for 15 minutes.
In Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore - 198, with the taste of formal numbers of different classes, from cozy standards, to luxury hatches that demonstrate the best of modern design. Also for hotel guests: conference rooms and meeting rooms, three basins, three tennis courts, a golf field, a gym, a spa salon in Thai style. And if you're hungry, at your service, any of the many bars and restaurants in the territory.

Indonesia, Lombok Island

The Legian Sire 5*
The hotel is part of a known network of THW luxury hotels (The Leading Hotel of the World).
Planned hotel opening date, May 2020.
It's located northwest.
The island of Lombok and surrounded by wild virgin jungle. All the license plates will be on Tanjung Sire's white sand. The window of the hotel will open a fascinating view of the sea, the islands of Gili and the sacred mountain of Rinjani.
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