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Border opening and restoration of international air traffic


We note that the situation has not yet stabilized and the information is constantly changing. We will monitor the news and update the information on the way out of quarantine by the world community.

Data updated 02.04.2021

As quarantine restrictions are lifted, we try to provide you with the most accurate information on the opening of certain areas, cities, islands and resorts.


The ban on landing applies to all flights from Britain, South Africa and Brazil.

Austria has placed Greece and Finland on the list of " unsafe countries " . According to the new regulations, from 11 March, arrivals from those countries to Austria will have to produce a negative test result and quarantine for 10 days. The antibodies should not be over 48 hours, the PCR is not more than 72 hours before the trip.

MandatorynoindexElectronic registration/noindexbefore entering Austria.

The most recent information on the list of countries and regions is availablenoindexwebsite of the Austrian Ministry of Health/noindex♪

Citizens of third countries cannot enter the country unless they come from a EU member country or a Schengen-related country with a stable COVID-19 situation or if they do not reside in one of those countries: Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore.


There are still strict quarantine restrictions. The international land and air connections of passenger transport are closed, and movement between settlements is limited.


It is a disaster. External borders are closed and internal movements are limited. Secondary and higher education institutions are planned to be opened from 13.07. There are strict restrictions on the stay of citizens on the street, the work of markets and public transport. All mass, cultural and entertainment facilities are closed.

No official information on the resumption of flights with Angola


Argentina has a ban on entry

foreign nationals.

The avia message has been cancelled for the countries of Europe and the United States and there is no data on the resumption of flights.


Plans to open borders for tourists on May 1st.


German airlines have introduced mandatory wear of FFP2 and KN95 without a valve during flight.

Germany requires for entry a negative result of PCR, AntiGen or RT-LAMP test not earlier than 48 hours before departure or immediately upon arrival. Instead of negative testing, a vaccination certificate is accepted (the second vaccination must be made not later than 2 weeks before arrival) or a positive PCR test result for more than 21 days but not more than 6 months. Also to be completednoindexform DEA/noindex10-day quarantine in case of entrynoindexHigh-risk countries/noindex♪ The quarantine can be interrupted by taking the 5th day test.

The general rules of entry to Germany and other EU countries do not imply the possibility of entry for tourists, only for passport holders and the GNW.

Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica resorts

  • Bahamas.The COVID-19 RT-PCR test was no earlier than five days before it arrived. Children under ten years of age don't need to test.

Obtaining Bahamas Health Travel Visa at https://travel.gov.bs. We need to fill out the form, download the negative results of the test. Consideration of the form and authorization of entry takes up to 48 hours. Bahamas Health Travel Visa is paid separately, the cost depends on the number of days of stay.

The procedure for filling and receiving the Bahamas Health Travel Visa includes compulsory medical insurance covering COVID-19. The cost of insurance is included in the Bahamas Health Travel Visa.

At the time of entry, the PCR test would have to be negative, and the entry permit.

If the intended duration of stay exceeds 5 days, a quick test on the Rapid Anigen Test will be conducted on the fifth day. The value of the test is also included in Bahamas Health Travel Visa.

No quarantine.

Official requirements for entering islands and addresses of laboratories for the second test and return test (if necessary) - https://www.bahamas.com/tourism-reopening and

  • Anguilla. The island has been free from the virus since April and is part of CARICOM Travel Bubble. To date, the following regulations exist for all entering:

No later than 7 days before the visit, pre-registration and entry request at the https://ivisitanguilla.com portal are required. Priority will be given to tourists from low-risk countries and regions.

The system must be loaded with the negative results of the COVID-19 test from 3 to 5 days before entering the country, the test must be carried out no earlier than 120 hours prior to travel.

Medical insurance covering all possible costs in the case of COVID-19, including airlifts to the hospital, hospitalization, medicines and others, is mandatory.

The electronic visa obtained on the portal mentioned above (attached to e-mail), the insurance and test results are presented at entry.

Another test is carried out at the time of entry (a quick PCR). And another test will be conducted in 10 to 14 days on the island.

Mandatory quarantine at the hotel or on the villa 14 days before the final test results.

Vaccinated travellers who have received all the doses of the vaccine more than three weeks ago remain in quarantine for 7 days and pass the final 7th day test. The rest of the rules are the same. The list of vaccines is clear.

Additional fees from individuals planning to spend less than three months on the island, which should cover the Government ' s compulsory testing and other anti-virus measures.

From 1 May, 2021, all travellers of more than 10 people or visiting the island in order to attend an event of 10 or more people must produce a full vaccination certificate.

As of 1 July, 2021 the island plans to receive only fully vaccinated guests. Those who, for some objective reason, have not been able to undergo vaccination (e.g. children under 18), will have to undergo mandatory 10-day quarantine with family members travelling with them (even if they are fully vaccinated). The negative result of the 3 to 5 days prior to arrival test remains valid. The rules are specified.

  • Antigua.The island is open to tourists. When arriving, a negative result is required
COVID-19, received over the past seven days, and fill out the special form of Health Declaration Form. Children under 12 don't need a test.

In the next 14 days, tourists may request a retest for COVID-19 (electoral testing). For the first 14 days, tourists must carefully monitor their feelings.

The tourists arriving at the island by sea must remain in quarantine. Quarantine time depends on how many days they were at sea and where they were before.

Regular air service with the United States has been restored.

A special mobile application, Explore Antigua, has been set up for recreational purposes: an interactive map and a guide to find and book places in restaurants, tours.

Returns can be made at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre. Testing needs to be recorded seven days before the date of departure. Details on the official information page below.

Official information on conditions of entry into Antigua and Barbuda noindexhttps:/ / visitantiguabarbuda.com/travel-advisory//noindex

  • Aruba.Open to tourists from all over the world (except Brazil).

All visitors must complete the form of Embarkation/Disembarkation card within 72 hours and no later than 4 hours.

The form shall be loaded with the negative result of the PCD test (done not earlier than 72 hours before arrival). Children under 15 don't need a test.

Aruba Visitors Insurance is also mandatory (more than insurance coverage https://www.arubavisitorsinsurance.com).

Once the form is filled, the test results are loaded and the insurance is in place, it is necessary to wait for confirmation and entry permits.

When entering, a validation of entry permits, a negative test result and insurance are provided.

If a traveller comes from JetBlue airline, the test runs through a joint airline and Vault. Three days before the flight, the pastor will receive the Vault Health House Test - PCR. The biomaterial house is to be tested, the result will be automatically loaded.

Official information on entry conditions for Aruba - https://www.aruba.com/us/traveler-health-requirements

The address of the pre-return testing laboratories-

https:/ /www.aruba.com/us/traveler-health-requirements/covid-test-in-aruba
  • Barbados.No mass events are carried out.

The plays are open from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., picnics and beach parties can't be held yet.

Entry rules from 8 May:

Set BIMSafe annexes (Google Play, Apple Store, www.bimsafe.gov.bb) on smartphone. Through this annex, a request for entry is made, the results of testing and vaccination certificates are downloaded, and the application then monitors social contacts while on the island. All tourists are given an electronic bracelet working in a couple of apps on the island.

If you have received full doses of AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Johnson ' Johnson (the list of vaccines may vary according to the list approved by WHO) more than two weeks ago, and you have a certifier from the national health organization or health centre, or IATA Pass, or The Digital Green Certificate (the certificate is downloaded and presented). And if you haven't been in any high-risk country with new versions of the virus for the past 21 days, including transit.

List of countries - https://www.visitbarbados.org/covid-19-travel-guidelines-2020. If you're completely vaccinated, but you're in one of these countries, you're covered by the rules for non-vaccinated travellers.

To book one of the certified hotels (minimum 2 a.m.).

To obtain the negative result of the COVID-19 PCR test not earlier than 3 days before entering the island in a certified laboratory. Load it in BIMSafe mobile application or travelform.gov.bb not later than 24 hours before entering the island. The printed version will also be necessary when entering.

Run a quick PCR test at the airport or a certified hotel.

Stay on the quarantine in the hotel room until the test results are available (1 to 2 days).

Children under 18 who travel with fully vaccinated adults follow the same rules as adults.

If you are not fully vaccinated, not immunized or vaccinated, but were (including transit) in one of the high-risk countries with new versions of the virus:

To book one of the certified hotels (minimum 7 nights).

To obtain the negative results of the COVID-19 PCR test not earlier than 3 days before entering the island

Certified lab. Load it in BIMSafe mobile application or travelform.gov.bb not later than 24 hours before entering the island. The printed version will also be necessary when entering.

Stay in the hotel room for five days. Give another test on the island's 5th day.

Stay on the quarantine in the hotel room until the test results are received (1-3 days). Only quarantine can take 7-8 days.

A joint programme between the Government of Barbados and StageZero Life Sciences is available from the United States and Canada to allow tourists to pass a test before leaving quickly and comfortably through StageZero.

Transit passengers arriving in Barbados are also required to have a negative test result and to complete the travelform.gov.bb.

Official requirements and protocols for entering - barbadostravelprotocols.com.

  • British Virgin Islands.Entry requires:

To obtain the negative result of the RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 (PCR) test no earlier than five days before the arrival and to download it online. The sample must be taken from the socket and the children aged 5 to 9 from the rotary. Children under five years of age need no test.

Fill and send a form no earlier than 7 days and no later than 48 hours before leaving on the island at https://bvigateway.bvia.com. To register and begin filling the form, it is necessary not later than 48 hours before travelling.

Provide medical insurance covering COVID-19.

At the airport, hand over another P.R. test.

At the airport, establish an annex to monitor the state of health and determine the location and contacts of travellers. Get and wear a special electronic bracelet.

Carantine in a certified hotel for 4 full days.

On the 4th day, hand over another third test.

Once this test is negative, the traveller is free. If the result is positive, additional strict quarantine.

Each tourist is charged with $175, which covers 2 tests and bracelets.

Official information at https://www.bvitourism.com/reopening.

  • Dominican Republic.No special requirements or test results.

Only tourists,

Visitors from the United Kingdom should present a negative result of the PCR-test made 72 hours prior to the last flight segment (activated until 12 April).

The form of E-Ticket https://eticket.migracion.gob.do, combining the health status of the traveller, the customs declaration and other forms, and getting the QR code for entry. The same form shall be refilled to obtain the second QR code for departure. It is recommended that the form be completed and that the codes be obtained 72 hours before entering or leaving the country. On the border, codes are presented in printed or electronic form.

All tourists in the hotel will receive free medical insurance covering COVID-19: treatment, transportation, accommodation and the cost of forced air traffic. The insurance will be provided free of charge until 31 March 2021 and will be paid 100 per cent by the Dominican State. Insurance is provided only to airborne tourists living in hotels.

All tourists may pass a free antigen test (viral antigen testing) in hotels, if necessary for return. PSC-tests for a separate fee can also be carried out in medical certificates and several hotels (for a separate fee).

Travellers may, at the airport or during their stay on the island at any time, request additional PCR test (at the State ' s expense, free of charge for tourists). In addition, about 10 per cent of all tourist arrivals are tested.

Official information and requirements - https://www.godominicanrepublic.com/newsroom/coronavirus/.

  • Mexico: Cancun, Riviera Maya and Tulum.There are no special requirements for entering. No tests and quarantine.

As of 1 April, all holidays in the State of Quintana Roo, which include Tulum, Rivier Maya and Cancun, should complete the online form www.visitax.gob.mx and pay the tourist tax. Fill and pay can be paid both before and during the rest. Payment is checked for departure/exit from Cancun.

All the cancuna hotels and resorts, Riviera Maya and Tulum are open and accept tourists. Excursions are complete, parks, archaeological zones are open, JOYÀ Cirque du Soleil is also open.

  • Costa Rica.International airports Juan Santamaría International Airport, Daniel Oduber
Quirós Airport and Tobías Bolaños Airport accept international flights. Boundaries are open to tourists from all over the world.

Before the journey, the HEALTH PASS form should be completed at https://salud.go.cr

Medical insurance should be provided (with the prescribed insurance conditions in English or Spanish) covering the transport of sickness (Medevac), medical expenses and living expenses if COVID-19 is confirmed. Local insurance, e.g. https://tiendasagicor.com/en/.

Official information on the opening of borders and entry protocols - https:/ / www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/statement-costa-rica-tourism-board-covid-19

Form to fill - https://salud.go.cr.


At the moment, entry into Australia is closed to foreigners and there is a ban on the entry of cruise liners. All citizens returning from countries at risk are subject to 2 weeks ' isolation. The generals work exclusively for delivery. There's a three-stage plan to get out of the quarantine. The time frame of each phase will be determined by each state on its own on the basis of the epidemiological situation.

No official information on the resumption of airlines with Australia


International tourist destinations are open from 01.04.2021. Details here.


Negative PCR test, antibodies test or LAMP when entering the country is required. The test shall be made not earlier than 72 hours before departure, but only in English, French or Spanish shall be accepted. You also need to.noindexPassenger Locator Form/noindexBefore entering Britain. All coming to Britain from countriesnoindexRed List/noindexAs of 15 February, quarantine in COVID hotels is required for 10 days.

More detailed information can be obtained on government websitesnoindexEngland/noindex♪noindexducta href=@https://gov.wales/exemptions-self-isolation-coronavirus-covid-19-html" rel=nofollow

target="_blank" Wales/noindex♪noindexScotland/noindexandnoindexNorthern Ireland/noindex♪


The opening of borders for foreign tourists is scheduled for 14 May 2021.


To date, Denmark is negotiating a tourism “coridor” for eight countries that are successfully combating the pandemic (Greece, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria). This is planned for the third phase of the country ' s quarantine exit.

Denmark has not imposed a total ban on international air traffic but the entry of foreigners into the country is still limited.


The country was gradually rehabilitating domestic tourism, some hotels, parks and reserves had opened since 3 May, but for foreigners, the visit to Israel was limited if self-sustaining was possible within 14 days.

No date has been set for the resumption of international airlines.


In Bali, the Indonesian archipelago has the least reported infections compared to other locations, and on 15 May the Government stated that, with positive developments, Bali could open for tourists in June-October. However, the islands of the Riau archipelago and Yava are unlikely to open until October.


Iceland accepts its own nationalnoindexClassification of risk areas/noindexTherefore, travel restrictions for Iceland are not based on the EU Traffic Lights common map. As of 1 May 2021, travel restrictions will be based on the EU lighting map. Since then, low-risk travellers (green and yellow) will be exempted from quarantine measures if they present a negative result of the PRC at the border.

Until 1 May, all countries and territories of the world are now classified as risk areas.

All passengers arriving in Iceland who were born before 2005 must be in advancenoindex== sync, corrected by elderman == @elder_man

target="_blank" state registration./noindexfor COVID-19 screening.

Free entry into the country of all vacant persons outside of the European Union has been permitted since 22 March 2021. Confirmation documents must comply with the standards of the Icelandic Ministry of Health. This means that vaccination should be carried out by one of the EU-approved drugs, Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen.


There are strict restrictions on the entry of aliens.

Viet Nam

According to official statistics, there are about 300 cases of infection and none of the deaths.

To date, internal flights, restaurants and shops have resumed in Viet Nam.

Renewal of part of international flights plannedin particular with South Korea and China.


The quarantine regime is currently in place with certain weakenings. Transit flights are permitted if a third country has a ticket.

No date has been set for the resumption of international airlines.

Receipts to Ukraine by Qatar Airways are scheduled to resume from 25.10.2020


Open from 1 April. Travel information here.


In order to enter, a health declaration must be filled and a negative result of the test must be delivered not earlier than 96 hours before the arrival.


All travellers arriving in Poland by a plane, a bus or other public transport mode shall be in a quarantine within 10 days from the day following the day of entry.

Travellers vaccinated from COVID-19 are exempt from mandatory quarantine (a vaccination certificate is required).


Passengers coming from countries where the incidence rate is greater than 150 per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days must provide a negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test conducted within 72 hours prior to landing. Children are not required to provide corroborative evidence to support the negative result of the SARS-CoV-2 OTL test.


Foreign non-resident citizens are prohibited from entering Finland, with some exceptions.


Travel authorized only

substantive reasons.


In the country, the pandemic is virtually defeated and it is an opportunity to actively restore domestic tourism. 30 per cent of Beijing tourism facilities have already resumed their work. All foreigners arriving in the country are subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine and subsequent testing of nucleic acid.

China has not imposed a total ban on international airlines, and there are still quarantine measures for arrivals.

Saudi Arabia

The kingdom has a three-stage quarantine exit programme from 28.05.2020. The country is closed to tourists, a curfew and a regime of total self-isolation.

Before further notice, international airlines are closed.


  • Alaska. The tourist season begins in May. To date, all entering persons must:

To obtain the negative result of the COVID-19 test no sooner than 72 hours before Alaska arrived, and to download the result into a special form on the Alaska Travel Portal portal or to a COVID-19 test on arrival and to ensure that it is fully quarantine (semosulation) at its own expense before the results are obtained.

To maintain a strict social distance or self-inclusion within the first five days.

To make sure the 5th test is repeated (the test is recommended but not mandatory).

Official information on requirements and restrictions - http://dhss.alaska.gov/dph/Epi/id/Pages/COVID-19/travel.aspx.

  • National parks. The U.S. National Parks are open. Parks may restrict visits to or close different territories, depending on the number of people for security purposes.
  • Miami and the rest of Florida The tourism infrastructure is now almost fully operational. Excursions, open-ended entertainment activities; restaurant halls operate in a distance. Places and pools are open.

Status of opening and recommendations for travellers - https:/ /floridahealthcovid19.gov/travelers/

Hotel safety regulations and working conditions of public institutions - https://www.miamiandbeaches.com/travelguidelines and www.miamibeachfl.gov/coronavirus/,


Las Vegas has been officially waiting for guests since June 4.

The San Francisco hotels are being opened gradually over the summer.

New York, Los Angeles will open.

Over the summer and closer to the fall, most of the tourism infrastructure must be accessible.


No official data on border openings are yet available, but according to informal information, Thailand ' s borders can be opened at the end of July. Phukette and Bangkok are likely to be the last. Experts do not expect a full recovery of the tourism industry until 2021.


Since 4 May, the country has gradually lifted quarantine restrictions on industry and services, markets and shopping centres have been opened since 15 May, and sports, cultural and recreational facilities are planned to be opened as of 24 May.

The date of opening for foreign tourists is not yet known.


Any international travel is prohibited until further notice, unless a valid reason is required. Non-EU arrivals need to produce a negative COVID test, take a weekly self-insulation and re-test. The first PCR test should not be more than 72 hours, it could be surrendered upon arrival.


Entry into the country is permitted only if necessary.


The country eases quarantine restrictions. Universities and adult education centres will be able to re-establish exercises with restrictions.

/ / / Border opening and restoration of international air traffic