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Eden Resort Skill


3 May 2021 in the area of the fleet Edem Resort Medical " Spa The sculpture will begin. It will be available not only to the guests of the Eden countries but also to all interested. This is the first public park of modern sculpture PARK3020.

The symposium brings together the sculptors of Oleg Putrasik, Viacheslav Gutyr, Elena Dodatko, Anatoly Krivanic, Vladimir Kochmar, Vasili Tatarsky, Constantin Sinica, as well as guests from Georgia, Joni Gogoburishvili and Jumber Djikiy.

The event supports modern sculptors and intergenerational exchanges, promotes the emergence of new cultural traditions and the development of PARK3020.

The symposium is co-sponsored by Vladimir Kochmar, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He explains the significance of the event: " We seek to ensure that, during the symposium, artists may not only focus on the visual dimension, but also explore new methods and approaches for creating objects in public space and systematize work in modern sculpture. "

The works created during the symposium will form part of the permanent PARK3020 exhibit. They'll be able to see all their guests at the beginning of the summer. And in the days of the sculpture, park visitors will be able to communicate with the sculptors and observe how art works are being built.

PARK3020 is near the rehab complex Edem Resort Medical " Spa 25 kilometres from Lvova. Park is open to the general public. Advanced registration on the website noindexpark3020.2event.com/noindex♪

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