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Airelles Château de Versailles Le Grand Contrôle, Versailles, already open


There's a hotel on 14 rooms in the Palace of Versailles. His project was developed by Christoph Tollemer, studying the archival materials in depth, and the best French craftsmen have carefully re-established historical details. Almost all the numbers are named names of people who are somehow connected to the palace.

In rooms, old furniture and paintings, 18-century crystal chandeliers, marble fireplaces, walled gobels and parked floors. Out of the windows, the gardens, the oranges, the lake. Modern technologies are in harmony. The founders took care of the social dimension: the energy provided geothermal facilities, light bulbs everywhere, and the products were purchased on a zero kilometre basis.

Alain Ducass is responsible for the hotel's pyrusty. The guests are waiting for breakfast with the view of the orange and gardens, the luxury dishes of the French kitchen for lunch, worthy of Maria Antoinetta afternothing tea, dinners with several changes of meal, from the first to dessert, Sunday brunch.

The decorated marble from Carrare and the handwriting braces, Valmont Spa, is inviting the firm procedures, as shown by the secret rituals of the beauty of Maria Antoinetti. In the morning, we can start yoga and titannes, and after the full impression of the day, we can look into the sauna, hammam and swim in the pool.

The guests have exclusive access to the Palace of Versailles, his gardens and parks. Every morning, before the official discovery, they can visit the little Trianon with the guid, the veil of Maria Antoinetta. To watch the Green Gallery, the Royal Opera and the Capella and the rest of the Palace.

For guests, they organize suited photos in the outfit of Versal, private dinners in the luxury palace halls. They can live a day in the best traditions of Maria Antoinetti or André Lenotra, the architect who created the parks and the palaces of Versale.

Golf cars and electric boats are free of charge. Everyone has their own batterer.

The hotel can be rented all day, weekend and even a week.

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