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Hyatt opens his first hotel on Sardinia.


The 7Pines Resort Sardinia bottle is expected to open in early July with several important milestones, including the continued growth of the Hyatt luxury resort portfolio, the First Hyatt Affiliated Hotel in Sardinia and the second 7Pines in Europe after 7Pines Resort Ibiza. Felicity Black-Roberts, Vice-President Hyatt for Development in Europe, noted: "7Pines Resort Sardinia was developed in harmony with the environment and reflects the desire for brand Destination by Hyatt to translate the spirit of each place."

The fabulous beach resort will be located in Lower Sardinia in Porto Chervo. He is surrounded by 15 hectares of the untouched coast, a natural reserve and two steps from Costa Smeralda, one of the most popular places on the northern coast of Sardinia. There's a private main beach and four secluded bottles, each of which has a great view of sunset.

The heart of the resort is Pure Seven Spa, a recovery oasis of 800 square metres, with six zones for individual and steam procedures, a lounge of beauty, a recreational zone, hammam, a sauna, an ice room, open spaces for Knap therapy. Open to both hotel guests and visitors, Pure Seven is inspired by a spa salon on Ibice. Oasis of body care offers many relaxing and cosmetic procedures using local and natural ingredients. The guests have a fully equipped gym, tennis courts and paddles, and a track in a pedestrian and runaway park.

Kitchen 7Pines Resort Sardinia uses the island ' s best ingredients and innovative methods of preparation, works with well-known regional food and wine producers. At the disposal of guests 3 restaurants and 3 bars: an Italian restaurant for gourmans with a view at sea, a 24-hour restaurant at the pool with an international atmosphere, and a cocktail bar and laundz, the perfect place for the aperitia before dinner.

Another resort is the Cone Club, sheltered between border rocks and the emerald sea, open to guests and visitors to the resort from lunch to late evening. The Mediterranean kitchen, the DJs and the unforced atmosphere characterize this original beach club, where one of the most beautiful beachs can enjoy.

Sardinia's coast.

7Pines Yachting Services offers access to the exclusive fleet of luxury yachts for guests wishing to explore the most beautiful Kosta Meralda or La Maddalena archipelago.

/ / / Hyatt opens his first hotel on Sardinia.