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Cooperation and charity - Dream Business Forum in Lviv (May 12-13, 2023)


DREAM BUSINESS FORUM: businessmen, investors, top managers of leading companies, representatives of leading charitable foundations and volunteer organizations will meet in Lviv to discuss the future of Ukraine!

  • Dates: May 12-13, 2023
  • Location: EMILY EVENT HALL (Emily Resort)

The business event will take place in Lviv, May 12-13, in the largest event location in western Ukraine - Emily Event Hall. The business conference DREAM BUSINESS FORUM, the purpose of which is to discuss strategies for maintaining business and entrepreneurial activity during the war. Consider diversification of markets and steadfastness in supporting the economy and the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Ukrainian business entities. In addition, to analyze company relocations, market downturns and personnel issues, as well as ways out of the crisis.

At the same time, great attention will be paid to defining a successful path to the dream and discussing cases of creative entrepreneurship in prosperous Ukraine.

However, DREAM BUSINESS FORUM is not limited to discussions about the complexities of war. An important goal of the meeting is also to demonstrate an example of successful entrepreneurship. To inspire and motivate new achievements during powerful networking and to further unite representatives of the business community, related circles of business people - to achieve economic growth of Ukraine.

"We want to show successful cases and heroic behavior of market players in order to inspire the participants of the forum to feel more confident in their entrepreneurial activities," the organizers of the forum note.

The speakers of the event will be leading entrepreneurs and investors, in particular: CEO and co-founder of WORK.UA Artur Mikhno, head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration Maksym Kozytskyi, vice-president for expansion of Liki24.com Taras Potichniy, Head of the State Tourism Development Agency of Ukraine Maryana Oleskiv, Owner and CEO of Franchise Group Myroslava Kozachuk, founder of Star Time Group - Oleh Khoroshy and others.

Cooperation and charity is one of the key aspects of the event. The target partner of the event is the Superhumans Center - a specialized ultra-modern orthopedic center for the treatment and rehabilitation of war victims who depend on prosthetics due to amputation. That is why the DREAM BUSINESS FORUM organizers will transfer the profit from the event, as well as all the donations and resources accumulated as a result of the charity auction at the forum, to the SUPERHUMANS CENTER clinic for the purchase and installation of prostheses for the soldiers of Lviv region who were injured during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Join the modern business community and participate in a good cause! You can get more information about the event and buy tickets on the official website of the forum - www.dreambusinessforum.com.

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