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Yana Luxury Travel is the official business partner of Dream Business Forum


Last week, my team and I visited what was happening at the Emily Resort innovative complex in Lviv. Events of this scale and direction are currently especially needed by the Ukrainian business community, because they fill us with faith in the future and give a vision of the future. And besides, it was also a charity event to raise funds for the support of the Armed Forces.

We are very glad that our company Yana Luxury Travel joined the forum as a business partner! Dream Business Forum brought together the country's leading speakers: experts from various fields, successful entrepreneurs, business managers and investors.

During the two days of the forum, May 12 and 13, we heard many powerful speeches and joined panel discussions. The main topic was the support of the economy of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of our country during the war. They talked about the return of a favorable investment climate, the reconstruction of enterprises and the entry of Ukrainian manufacturers into the international market, the development of personnel potential, and many other things. It was a very inspiring event, full of ideas, unity and faith in the future. And it was especially warm to see how many people he cared about united on the grounds of Emily Resort.

The money collected from the sale of tickets to the event went to the Ukrainian clinic "Supermen", namely for prosthetics for our defender Oleg Slyvar, who lost his leg in Donetsk region. Special thanks and respect to the Emily Resort health and recreation complex itself for an event of an incredible scale.

We hope that there will be more and more such powerful events, so let's unite for the future! Glory to the Armed Forces!

/ / / Yana Luxury Travel is the official business partner of Dream Business Forum