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New rules for departure from Ben Gurion Airport


The Israeli authorities have changed the pre-flight procedures from the main international airport of Ben Gurion under Tel Aviv. Passengers are now free from long pre-flight searches.

Let us recall that, over the past 10 years, the procedure for exiting from Tel Aviv was rarely exhausting and irritating. After an interview with the security forces, the passengers in turn took careful control of the baggage. However, the securities were not limited to scanning it: about half of the passengers (as considered by the security services to be at risk) were then manually controlled by the bag contents. And only then the passenger travelled to the registration counter, with which it would begin at airports outside Israel. Based on subsequent control of hand-helds, border control and multiple turns, pre-flight procedures were on average about an hour.

The longest and most annoying part of this process has now been removed from this process - baggage control. The procedure now appears to be the same as that used in the old terminal: after an interview with the security services, the passenger is immediately on the registration counter and the way forward is no different from the usual airports.

This was made possible by the installation of a new baggage control system in Ben Gurion. This process now takes place after the suitcases have been delivered by the passenger and without the passenger ' s participation in the luggage compartment. The airport, however, cautioned that manual searches might be required in some cases. He's promised to be videotaped. However, in this case, damage to the baggage or its contents may not be excluded - the security services are usually somewhat ceremonial.

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