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Sea Voyages

You can find ideas for destinations, resorts and experiences from our clients in the articles below:
You can find ideas for destinations, resorts and experiences from our clients in the articles below:
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Sea cruises 

Yana Luxury Travel & Concierge offers magnificent cruises to the most picturesque places on the planet from East Asia to New Zealand and Australia. We have compiled a huge catalog of luxurious and unforgettable sea cruises in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, exotic Africa, French Polynesia and Hawaii.

You are waiting for the most interesting routes, the opportunity to visit a number of countries and see the sights, as well as comfort and high service, entertainment and new acquaintances on a modern liner.

If you want to go on a sea VIP trip on a liner, then we are at your service. Yana Luxury Travel & Concierge specializes in luxury tourism, so we are happy to present you with a choice of the most luxurious sea trips for any period, up to a trip around the world lasting several months.

Sea cruises from Yana Luxury Travel & Concierge - a combination of romantic and luxury

You can go on a trip with your family, children or parents, with friends, big or small company. It all depends on your impulses and wishes. A premium class cruise is aimed at satisfying the wishes and needs of the most demanding traveler. The multifaceted program is designed for people of various temperaments and ages.

Sea cruises are ideal for couples in love. For a romantic trip, the best option is the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Imagine the beauty of sunrises and sunsets on the open sea. Slow walks on the decks, relaxation sessions in the SPA, evening shows - all this is available on comfortable liners.

Sea cruises along Canada and the coast of the USA, Alaska will give you a great mood, a lot of unforgettable impressions and new vivid emotions. Traveling on the azure surface, against which paradise islands, port cities, mountains appear, will forever remain in the memory of tourists who have chosen a cruise vacation at sea. You will discover distant countries of Asia and Africa with their customs and original traditions.

We have organized many first-class sea cruises that have captivated our clients with luxury, atmosphere, magnificent views and inspiration. We would love to find the perfect cruise for you to make your dreams of a perfect vacation come true.

Sea cruises from Ukraine - all the best is ahead

Tour operators have prepared the best offers for the most luxurious liners that are waiting for you in ports. Therefore, you can easily see all the information you are interested in - tours, prices, cabins, availability, in the on-line search engine. On the site you have the opportunity to make a request for cabins and make a ticket reservation. Yana Luxury Travel will help you organize a unique trip, taking into account individual wishes and preferences.
A sea voyage on a liner will become an unforgettable and multifaceted adventure for every person. It doesn't matter if you decide to go on a cruise alone or in a large group, together with your loved one or best friend. The energy of the deep sea, enveloping your heart, will give you unforgettable impressions, first-class relaxation, a reboot from everyday obligations and affairs. For everyone, there is an incredible amount of pleasant emotions that will definitely leave a special mark on your life.

Benefits and features of sea cruises

• For those who are in search of new experiences, there is no more attractive, multifaceted, prestigious tour than traveling by sea on a liner.
• Sea cruises are considered the safest type of tourism. On board a respectable liner, you will be provided with: complete safety, comfort, first-class service and a great atmosphere
• Increased comfort. You are guaranteed to have the opportunity to live in comfortable, luxurious cabins that meet the standards of elite tourism
• At your disposal will be chic restaurants, cozy bars, swimming pools, animation, SPA-programs, a gym and round-the-clock service of the highest level
• You will have the opportunity to visit several countries at once, enjoying the atmosphere, sights, national cuisine and a kaleidoscope of new emotions, while staying in your comfortable apartments. You do not need to collect things, move somewhere. All conditions will be created for you to realize a first-class holiday
• Each member of the family will be able to organize their leisure time on the liner. You yourself decide in what rhythm your vacation will take place - in active, cultural, measured or passive. You can spend the whole day enjoying the sunbathing. You can play sports, visit the SPA, enjoy drinks and treats, hang out or enjoy the cultural program, evening performances, concerts. If you wish, you can plunge into a rich nightlife, visiting parties and clubs
Benefit for health. Your lungs will be filled with fresh sea air around the clock. In addition, the sound of the sea, calming waves, colorful landscapes have a fruitful effect on the nervous system and emotional state in general
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