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Event tourism

You can find ideas for destinations, resorts and experiences from our clients in the articles below:
You can find ideas for destinations, resorts and experiences from our clients in the articles below:
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Event tours from Yana Luxury Travel

Our travel company offers great tours to visit the most famous events in the world of fashion and cinema, sports and gastronomy, as well as music festivals that millions of fans around the world look forward to every year. We have collected a huge catalog of events, accommodation options, travel itineraries and excursions.

If you want to go on an eventful VIP tour, then Yana Luxury Travel & Concierge is at your service. We specialize in organizing luxury tours, so we are happy to present any options in accordance with the individual wishes of each client.

Which of the travelers has not heard about the enchanting carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Venice, which take place in February of each year and gather hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who are eager to join the festive procession! Many would like to visit the Flower Parade, Carnival in Rotterdam and St. Patrick's Day, which is celebrated by Irish people around the world.

What fan doesn't want to join their sports idols and see firsthand the competition on the field, tracks and court. Watching such events on TV is one thing, but immersing yourself in the atmosphere of an 80,000-seat stadium, hearing the roar of a racing car engine or the screams of a famous tennis player with your own ears is quite another.

And, of course, what is event tourism without visiting the world-famous beer festivals in Munich, Brussels and Prague. Hundreds of thousands of beer lovers every year look forward to the holiday, which will allow you to taste the best beers from breweries from around the world, taste excellent German and Czech cuisine and have plenty of fun on the rides, festivals and processions.

There are many events in the world - this is the launch of a rocket from Baikonur, and the celebration of the New Year and Christmas, and the Chinese New Year, and many others. Event tourism allows you to be in the thick of events, get incredible emotions and the opportunity to tell children and grandchildren how they saw the triumph of our team at the Olympics, visited the concert of that same rock guitarist or saw how a satellite went into space.

Event tours from Yana Luxury Travel

Event tours are an enduring atmosphere of a holiday, individual conditions for relaxation and unforgettable impressions. Today, Yana Luxury Travel can offer a range of travel options, including:

  • Gastronomic festivals. Here you can taste a variety of treats and drinks, and most importantly, get to know the local food culture. At events, you can discover the unusual side of the most trivial dishes. Of course, at such gatherings of gluttons, various cooking master classes are held, so you can improve your cooking skills well.
  • Music festivals and contests. They will immerse the guest in an incredible atmosphere of live sound and performance skills. Here you can always hear your favorite compositions in an unusual sound and chat with fans of the genre.
  • National festivals and holidays. This is a great opportunity to study the culture of the country you are visiting. Through folk culture it is easier to understand the mentality of the people, their traditional values. Such holidays are an opportunity to learn more about mythology and local rituals. In addition, you can always bring home a lot of ethnic souvenirs from these festivals. Carnivals in Rio, Denmark and Venice, Medieval Festivals in France, equestrian competitions in Italy - these and many other celebrations around the world annually give tourists a lot of unforgettable impressions.
  • Flower exhibitions and festivals. They are held in regions where the cultivation of flowers is a historically established branch of the economy. Despite the narrow thematic focus, such events will be of interest not only to lovers of floristry. Such holidays are accompanied by various parades, installations, and many master classes. Well, you can also buy exotic seedlings there. Fans of these events can head to the Chrysanthemum Festival in Japan, the Tulip Show in the Netherlands and many other exhibitions that take place annually around the world.
  • Theater and film festivals. Vacationers will appreciate the opportunity to see productions with the participation of recognized masters of the genre before the mass premiere. Attending such events is considered an attribute of elite consumption, so this direction is always in demand. In addition, such festivals are always accompanied by various gatherings of fans of mass culture, where you can always plunge into geek culture, meet industry figures.
  • Sports competitions. The guest gets the opportunity to cheer for his native team and see the best athletes, visit the most famous sports arenas. The European or World Championship, the UEFA Cup, tennis tournaments, auto racing - tickets for such events are sold out long before the start. However, nothing is impossible for our managers.
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