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tour "Samurai Japan"

Nature and peace
round year
7 days / 6 nights
Price per person
from 3 190 $

Tour program

1st day

Arrival in Tokyo (Narita/Haneda Airport).

Meeting with the Japanese driver at the airport.

Individual transfer to a hotel without a guide.

It's a hotel.

Attention! In most Japanese hotels, the settlement takes place after 3:00 to 6:00. If you wish, you can order an early settlement for a separate fee, but it must be done immediately when ordering the tour.

3 p.m. Meeting with the Coordinator in the hotel hall, discussion of the programme for the following days


A review tour on the evening of Tokyo: "Tonight Tokyo." Tokyo Sky Three, Asacus District." A guided tour time of 4:00 to 20:00, 4:00. INDICATOR

We suggest you go on a trip tonight. Tokyo See the city, the subway system, and just feel the city's atmosphere once a former house for thousands of samurai.

An unusually elegant evening light will show you the historic area of Tokyo, Asacus. You'll take a walk to the oldest Buddhist temple ensemble.Sanso Ji,You can buy traditional souvenirs.Nakamise-dori trade street.

By continuing your tour, you'll be on the watch site of the world's highest television station, the Tokyo television tower.A cosmic tree in the Sumida area. In addition to the inspection site, you will be able to visit a small oceanium and planetarium in one of the rooms of the Cosmic Wood.

Then you'll go out tonight. Asacuse, And enjoy the view of the Sanzoji temple complex in the night lights.

Return to the hotel.

Taxi - 5 328 грн.. per person in group 2 (minimum group) and 4 144 грн.. per person in group 3

We invite you to dinner at the Ninja Akasaka restaurant. You will enter the mystical world of the Japanese secret ninja murderers with dark secret rooms, narrow corridors and original menu. In conclusion, the surprise for you is the original magic show. You're being coordinated to the restaurant.

The payment for dinner for the first person would be: for a group of 2 people: 3 286 грн.., for a group of 3 people: 3 049 грн.. (in conjunction with a tour of the Tour of Tokyo)

Possible discounts.

2nd day

Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting with a Russian-speaking hyd in the hall of the hotel.

Hyde survey tour Japanese mosque museum and Sword craftsman (may be replaced by iquido with mentor).

Tentative time tour 9:00-17:00, 8:00.

Excursions begin with visitMuseum of Japanese Swords- It's a small museum located in the Sibui region dedicated to samurai swords. This is the official Museum of the Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Arts of Mech. The Society ' s collection contains more than 150 exponents, the oldest of which were manufactured during the period of Hayan (12th century), most recently in the period of Mayji (20th century). Some of the oldest swords are recognized as a national asset. Even though swords were manufactured for war, they were also considered a work of art. Special beauty is given to the sword, the so-called “hamon”, a wave ornament along the entire blade of the sword. The Museum has a special underground in which hamon blazes the brightest; many compare this glacier with blade. In the museum, you will also be able to see other exponents: charades, manuscripts, protective amunition, helmets. The gradual manufacture of swords is also shown here.

You'll have lunch next.

Then you'll go.A master-class in the sword, When you can learn about the Japanese sword ass and try to work with the samurai sword.

Return to the hotel, free time. Dinner alone.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting with a Russian-speaking hyd in the hall of the hotel.

Hyde survey tour"Tokyo's on the back of the era. Museum Edo, tea ceremony and a visit to the Japanese sword shop.

Tentative tour time: 9:00-17:00, 8:00

We offer you an exciting tour in Japan's history.Edo Museum.The Edo Museum is dedicated to the history of the city of Tokyo and has been acquainting with the history of Tokyo since its inception in 1590 by Shogun Tokugawa Ieias. Includes two zones: the area with Edo history and Tokyo history. The museum provides full copies of Theatre Kabuki, the house of the town, the city's maquets in different ages,

Over 2,500 true manuscripts, scrolls, kimono, maps, etc. The exhibition highlights various aspects of the life of the city of Edo: trade, handicrafts, popular sports, knowledge life.

In the second part of the tour, you will visit the traditional Japanese garden Happan The name of which is translated as " Sad, excellent from all sides " . You'll see a collection of 500-year-old carlix trees, bonsai, a small waterfall, a golden carp pond and teahouses. In one of the househouses at the pond, you'll be part of the Japanese tea ceremony. For your tea, the original Japanese dessert-wagasi is being served.

You'll have lunch next, and then you'll go to a specialized shop for the sale of Japanese swords.

Return to the hotel, free time. Dinner and dinner alone.

4th day

Free time Tokyo.


Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting with a Russian-speaking hyd in the hall of the hotel.

Master class, " How to be a samurai " , accompanied by a hyd

Indicative travel time: 8:00 to 12:00, 4:00

We invite you to go to the world of the real samurai and feel what "the real" samurai training means!

Master class programme (90 minutes):
  1. Medicine, worship
  2. Turning into samurai (singing into samurai training clothes)
  3. Study of Puti Bucido and Samurai tools such as swords
  4. Study of fencing
  5. Medicine, worship
  6. Photo session time
  7. Renovation and completion of master class
Dinner and return to the hotel.

Optical. Evening tours / entertainment

6th day

Free timeTokyo.


7th day

A sign from the hotel.
Individual transfer to airport

* Depending on the circumstances, there may be minor changes in the tour programme


Hotel 4*

Number of persons1 person2 persons3 persons
Place1- Local1- Local2nd local1- Local2nd local3rd local
128 346 грн..
121 360 грн..
94 424 грн..
116 772 грн..
78 588 грн..
74 740 грн..
Child under 12
84 804 грн..
78 144 грн..
72 224 грн..
Child under 6
14 800 грн..
14 800 грн..
14 800 грн..

Hotel 5*

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Number of persons1 person2 persons3 persons
Place1- Local1- Local2nd local1- Local2nd local3rd local
152 440 грн..
136 604 грн..
112 036 грн..
122 840 грн..
98 420 грн..
87 912 грн..
Child under 12
102 712 грн..
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85 396 грн..
Child under 6
14 800 грн..
14 800 грн..
14 800 грн..

Tour information

Cost includes:
  • Living in a selected hotel on the basis of breakfast;
  • 2 individual guided tours of the Russian-speaking Hyde programme (including entrance tickets) and a master-class samurai;
  • Airport - hotel - airport (without hyd)
  • individual travel on scheduled tour days
Payment shall be made:in mushrooms
Additional pay is paid:
  • International Aircraft
  • tips
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa
  • additional tours
  • Food not specified in the tour program.
  • all other personal expenses
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