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tour "Arab fairy tale (Dubai and Palm Jumeira)"

Romantic tours
round year
8 days / 7 nights
Price per person
from 1 480 $

Tour program

1 day

Arrival Dubai.
An individual transfer to a hotel.
Free time.

2 days

A review tour of Dubai Modern Dubai with a visit to Bourge Al-Khalifa.

At the beginning of your tour, you're waiting for a photostop looking at the most fabulous hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab. The hotel is located on an artificial island 280 m from the coast, spent over a billion dollars on its construction and used 8,000 square metres of 22-karate sauce gold in the hotel. 7 stars are assigned to the hotel, although only 5 bars are officially used to assess hotels. Market visit(Souk Madinat Jumeirah)or whatever it is called Dubai Venice. It is a traditional Arab market with many stores, boutiques and lacquers that can be found from souvenirs to luxury items, as well as magnificent cafees and restaurants cozy at the artificial canal.

Then you're going to visit the artificial palm island of Palm Jumeira. Let's go into the heart of the palm and do some unbearable photos on the back of the hotel. Atlantis The Palm♪ One of the most expensive areas of Dubai, Dubai Marina, was located near the palm island. The subject of our attention will be Marina Volk, a beautiful promenade with a swelling of cozy cafes and restaurants, a long 7 km long, with the most beautiful view of urban buildings and club yachts. This is the highest building in the world, Infinity Tower. Well, at the end of our journey, we'll go to Dubai Moll, enjoy the show of "shinting fountains" and climb up to the 148th floor of the world's highest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa - the highest building of the planet that opens from anywhere in Dubai. Its precise height is 828 metres.

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3 days

Free time

We propose to go shopping in one of the largest and most prominent world trading centres - Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall- The world ' s largest trading and recreation centre (more than 1,800,000 square metres) and the world ' s sixth largest commercial area (3,50000 square metres). This is not only the largest, but also the world ' s most visited trader centre with all kinds of entertainment and incredible spinning opportunities. At four levels, more than 1,200 shops, two huge unit stores, the Gold Market and the Fedcourt, with more than 100 cafeteria and restaurants, were located. The most known SEGA Republic is the SEGA Republic ' s first thematic park in the region, with a roof of about 7,600 metres, a 44,000 square metres of fashion islands, with 70 stores of known elite world brands, such as: Ersace, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Galruliano, Hermes, Givenchy, In addition, the Dubai Moll is located Gold Souk, the world ' s largest closed gold market with 220 stores.

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4 days


Excursions Abu Dhabi with a visit to the Ferrari World and the Sheikh Zayed mosque.

Ferrari World- This is the Ferari thematic park, located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The park is located under a roof of 200,000 m2 and is the largest thematic park in the world. Not only will the automates receive a lot of impressions and a great time in the world ' s largest wing of the Ferrari World, which is located in Abu Dhabi, OAE. You're looking for fascinating attachments, ultra-temporary space and, of course, great cars of the famous Ferrari race brand. More than 20 different races are represented in the Ferrari World Park. There's even a simulator of the famous Formula 1 race. Widers of acute senses will like the G-Force, which is in the central tower of the park. It's a cone inside.

Places for passengers. G-Force shoots through the roof of the building at a height of 62 metres and then returns down. Mir Ferrari ' s thematic park was the main accrual of the Formula Rossa. They shall transmit as accurately as possible all the unforgettable gamma of feelings that may be felt by Formula 1 racers. Formula Rossa, the speed of 100 km/h is developing from the site and takes off at a height of 52 metres. On steep battles and coups, the impact rate is up to 240 km/h.

Sword of Sheikh Zayed- The embodiment of the great wealth of the Emirates, the symbol of the faith of Muslims, and the real illustration of the book " A thousand and one night " . This monument of 5 football fields with walls incruciated self-prosper and gold is dedicated to a great man who united the poor Bedouin lands into one country, the richest on the planet, Sheikh Zai Ibn Sultan Al-Nahyan. The unprecedented construction of more than $500 million is popular among the country ' s residents and travelers from all over the world.

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5 days

Free time.

Visit to La Perlé party show (Bronze Tiskets)

La Perle - a fascinating mix of artistic performance, visual fantasies and high technology. The director and creator of the 90-minute show was one of the world's most famous players, Franco Dragone. There are 65 artists from 23 countries around the world participating in the show, and each of them brings their own unique talents and skills: from dance and acrobatics to water and air tricks. In front of the viewers, participants in the presentation challenged the laws of physics, and action not only took place on and above the stage, but also under water in a specially equipped basin, in Dubai, could be seen for the first time.

There's everything in this show: crazy motorcycle vibes, circus numbers, water jumps from a 25-metre height, dizzy air acrobatics, this diversity and the level of team skill makes La Perle unique in his kind a show that can be bold for the whole family.

Value: 3 848 грн.. per person, regardless of age

Transfer to both sides - 5 624 грн.. per family (up to 6 persons)



6 days


Dinner jeep safari class.

Enjoy your firm adventure safari on a comfortable air-conditioned subway that will take you out of the hotel and take you to the Rub al-Hali painting desert.
There's gonna be a trip with the fascinating barhans with the elements of the extrem, and there's going to be a lively photostop on the sunset.
After that, you will go to the village of Bedouin, where you feel the real Arab hospitality. They'll meet you with traditional coffees, roll on camels, offer snacks and cool drinks. You'll get a chance to enjoy the eastern dance of Tanura and the tummy dance, smoke the calyan and have a wonderful dinner under the mysterious Arab sky.
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7 days

Training Wild Wadi or Adventure.

ParkWild WadiIn Dubai, they're stacked into the eastern fairy tale. It's based on a story about the Sinbad-Marriage who, together with his friend Juha, escaped from a violent storm, ended up on a beautiful island with beautiful mountains and great waterfalls. The name of the park in Dubai, Wild Wadi, is about to be translated as an abandoned river. In order to maintain the " memage " through the entire park, a artificial river was drilled and all the attachments in the park were floating smoothly. Aqua park visitors have a variety of entertainment. In an area of approximately 5 Ga, there are completely unique facilities among 30 sites. Visitors ' services include mountains, basins, skilled waterfalls, children ' s space and two artificial rivers.

ParkAdventureThe largest water entertainment complex, not only in Dubai, but also in the Middle East as a whole. On the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, the famous five-star hotel Atlantis The Palm. Aqua Park has a huge choice of entertainment for all age groups, including a private 700 metres beach. It's not just a water ride here, but it's like a divine to go to Aquarium The Lost Chambers to see how fish feed, to makedrawingAfrican
Colics, walk in the tropical forest... For an extra fee, you can even swim with sharks or dolphins. The area of the park with an artificially created ecosystem is very large, so there is no cable. They work in the park.Snack barsrestaurants, coffee shops.

Return to hotel

8 days

Free time in Dubai
Removal from hotel
Personal transfer to the airport


Armani Hotel Dubai5*

The luxury and elegant hotel Armani Hotel Dubai is located in the centre of Dubai, the world-famous tower of Burj Khalifa. He has an individual entrance and he occupies floors with an admirable curtain of the city.

Price per person, grene, provided that one-sided residence is based on breakfast (Deluxe Room)

High season (December-February) - 6,5 920 грн..

Average season (May) - 4,19 536 грн..

Low season (June-September) - 4,6 216 грн..

Price per person, p.m., provided two-way live on the basis of breakfast (Deluxe Room)

High season (December-February) - 3,11 248 грн..

Average season (May) - 2,17 168 грн..

Low season (June-September) - 2,9 768 грн..

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa 5*

It's a fascinating hotel that scattered at a private white beach on the island of Jewel Jumeira. Virtually all corners of the hotel have a panoramic view of the Persian Gulf lasure, and guests here are looking for the full range of primary services.

Price per person, grene, provided that one-sided residence is based on breakfast (Covet Room)

High season (April) - 5,21 016 грн..

High season (November) - 113 516 грн..

Average season (January, February, May) - 3,15 096 грн..

Average season (March, October, December) - 3,19 536 грн..

Low season (June-September) - 2,13 616 грн..

Price per person, grene, provided two-way residence on the basis of breakfast (Covet Room)

High season (April) - 92 648 грн..

High season (November) - 2,5 328 грн..

Average season (January, February, May) - 59 348 грн..

Average season (March, October, December) - 61 568 грн..

Low season (June-September) - 1,14 208 грн..

Atlantis The Palm 5*

This fabulous five-star hotel is located on the famous Dubai island of Palma Jumeira. The hotel can brag about its pride, the labyrinth of the pools and the oceaniums. Most hotel rooms - restaurants, rooms, children ' s clubs and lolls - go to the oceanium with the sea.
People. Another feature of the hotel is the large water entertainment park, which includes aqua park Aquaventure (the largest in Dubai), Dolphin Bay delphin, the sea lions centre, the Lost Chambers underwater museum, the Daiving Centre Atlantis and the marine animal centre, where close contact is possible with the widest ocean population.

Price per person, grene, provided that one-sided residence is based on breakfast (Ocean King Room)

January - 3,27 232 грн..

February, October, December - 4,10 952 грн..

March - 4,15 096 грн..

April - 149 184 грн..

May - 3,21 016 грн..

June - 112 776 грн..

July, October - 2,26 936 грн..

August - 3,10 656 грн..

November - 5,15 096 грн..

Price per person, grene, provided two-way residence on the basis of breakfast (Ocean King Room)

January - 59 200 грн..

February. October, December - 2 5 920 грн..

March - 2 7 844 грн..

April - 2,16 280 грн..

May - 1,26 640 грн..

June - 57 720 грн..

July, October - 1,13 616 грн..

August - 1,20 720 грн..

November - 2,22 792 грн..

Tour information

Cost includes:
  • residence
  • food - breakfast
  • Programme transfers
  • Insurance
  • guided tours programme
Kiev - Dubai - Kiev

Tour information

Cost includes:
  • residence
  • food - breakfast
  • Programme transfers
  • Insurance
  • guided tours programme
Kiev - Dubai - Kiev
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