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tour "London classic"

European capitals
round year
8 days / 7 nights
Price per person
from 620

Tour program

1 day

ArrivalLondonPlace. Free time.

Our recommendations:
Visit the Museum of Madam Tüsso: 1 348 грн.. adults; 1 146 грн.. children (up to 15 years inclusive).
Walking on the wheel of vision, London A: adults 1 079 грн.., children 877 грн.. (up to 15 years inclusive).

Dinner in a medieval style with a costume show at Beefeater: adults - 1 921 грн..children 1 146 грн.. (up to 15 years inclusive))Opium is available tonight, any day of the tour.

2 days

A review tour of London on a comfortable bus with a professional guide, Examine the main features. You'll be able to access the various parts of London, see a number of sights, such as Tower, Parliament Building, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, etc.

Unknown and mysterious city: a walking tour of City The financial center of the British capital. This is a region of banks and world corporations, high incomes and opportunities. Professionals from around the world are trying to get into companies with offices in London City. However, it should not be forgotten that this is one of the oldest areas of London, which is located in ancient Roman settlements. You are given the opportunity to see architectural monuments such as Temple, Gildhall and St. Warfolomey, known to the world, including through Dan Brown ' s worldless world Cod da Vinci.

British Museum. The Museum of Human Civilizations History, one of the oldest and richest museums of the world. On the tour, you will be familiar with the famous Noisyar treasure of Ur, which is almost 5,000 years old, with the marbles of Parfenon, the interiors of the Assyrian kings and other outstanding works of humanity.

3 days

Additional tour at Oxford and Stratford-Na-Eyvon: 3 371 грн.. with human beings, children under 15 - 2 865 грн...

4 days

Additional tour in Westminster Abbotivity: 1 517 грн.. with man, children under 15 - 1 348 грн...
Additional tour of the Windsor Castle: 2 292 грн..

children under 15 - 1 921 грн...

5 days


Additional tour in Solsbury and Stonehandge: 3 371 грн.. with man, children under 15 - 2 865 грн...

Tonight's river walk on Temza and a boat dinner from 3 034 грн.. to man.

6 days


Additional tour in Hampton Court: 1 921 грн.. with man, children under 15 - 1 517 грн...

Additional tour to London Tower: 1 753 грн.. with man, children under 15 - 1 517 грн...

Additional tour of " ghosts and pubs " : 1 146 грн.. with man.

7 days

Additional tour on the Thames boat in Greenwich: 1 921 грн.. with a man, children under 15 - 1 517 грн...

Tour of the National Chart Gallery.The famous collection of European paintings of the thirteenth to twentieth centuries, including the beautiful art collection of the Renessance era.

Additional tour in Covent Garden, theatre and Mason secrets: 1 012 грн.., man.

8 days

Breakfast.Free day.Removal from the hotel until 11:00. Leave.


The cost per person, subject to the type of residence chosen, is Hrv.

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3rd local number
Park International 4*
21 231 грн..
up to 29 320 грн..
1,0 грн..
to 48 866 грн..
20 894 грн..
up to 25 276 грн..
Park City Grand Plaza Kensington 4*
29 320 грн..55 943 грн..26 287 грн..
32 016 грн..
up to 40 440 грн..
of 57 291 грн..
to 65 715 грн..

Tour information

Cost includes:Hotel accommodation according to the program, meals are breakfast, insurance, four tours of the program, group transfers.
Payment shall be made:in mushrooms
Additional pay is paid:Aircraft, individual transfers, visas, additional tours
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