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Palazzo Fiuggi


Golf course 18 holes


Gym with modern equipment


Restaurant 4 Continenti with a personalized menu by Chef Heinz Beck

Hotel description

Palazzo Fiuggi is one of the world's leading health resorts for body, mind and soul. The hotel is located next to the unique Fiuggi mineral water springs, known for over 600 years for its healing properties. This water is the basis of many wellness programs and treatments at the resort.

Pope Boniface VIII and Michelangelo were treated with Fiuggi water. It has a normalizing effect on the functioning of the kidneys and the immune system, and also effectively cleanses the body. Comprehensive programs for rejuvenation, weight correction, strengthening the immune system and restoring peace of mind take into account the individual characteristics of each client. Based on the principles of natural bioenergy, the 3-Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck's amazing menu features light, healthy, organic Mediterranean dishes.

The resort is recognized as a historical and cultural heritage of Italy. Previously, it was the first hotel in Europe with a swimming pool, and many famous guests visited the majestic Art Nouveau building, including King Victor Emmanuel III, Pablo Picasso, Francesca Bertini, Roberto Rossellini, Eleonora Duse, Eduardo De Filippo. It still impresses its guests today with first-class service, exquisite interiors and exclusive amenities, the main of which is the spa complex, which offers a wide range of unique programs and procedures.

The hotel's professional therapists combine holistic practices with traditional Western medicine in their unique programs. The applied methods of treatment are scientifically substantiated, improve well-being, strengthen health and contribute to the longevity of regular guests of the resort. After the initial consultation, the specialists draw up an individual program with personal recommendations, the result of which will not be long in coming.

Accommodation at Palazzo Fiuggi

The resort offers a wide range of accommodation depending on the preferences of the guests - from standard rooms to royal suites with a panoramic private terrace of 140 sq.m. Each room is designed in an elegant modern style, which is in harmony with the historic building of the Liberty era. Filled with natural light, each room offers views of the park, old town or pool. Decorated in Carrara marble and original parquet, the rooms are furnished with exquisite modern furniture, unusual frescoes and decorative elements, Art Nouveau windows and Murano glass chandeliers. Every detail reminds of a glorious era and gives the hotel a unique charm.

Also available for accommodation and relaxation is Villa Luisa - a stunning private villa with 7 double bedrooms, located in the middle of the parkland of Palazzo Fiuggi, separate from the main hotel building. The villa offers: a steam room, a sauna, a hammam, a gym, a fully equipped kitchen, private parking, air conditioning, a safe, and all the services of the Palazzo Fiuggi complex are available.

Rooms overview

The hotel is located in the middle of a park in the thermal resort of Fiuggi, 50 minutes from Rome, 40 minutes from Ciampino Airport and 55 minutes from Fiumicino International Airport.

The wellness and spa area of ​​6000 sq.m is designed for complete recovery and relaxation.

Here for guests:

  • innovative detox therapy MLX Dome;
  • psammotherapy (hot sand treatment method);
  • sound therapy using singing bowls;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • osteopathy;
  • various massages;
  • wraps, scrubs and baths;
  • Ayurvedic procedures;
  • laser, ozone and cryotherapy, plasma and light therapy;
  • a number of other health-improving, cosmetic and spa procedures.

Visitors to the wellness center can undergo thalassotherapy procedures aimed at regenerating the body and saturating it with the minerals of the Fiuggi healing water. Also, the territory of the spa area is equipped with saunas, Turkish baths, a jacuzzi and a shower with chronotherapy.

Also, the resort's specialists create an individual medical portfolio of services and a complex of wellness procedures "Longevity", "Immunity Strengthening" and "Detox and Weight Correction", combined in a unique holistic strategy for each guest. There are no standard programs as in ordinary resorts. To guarantee the best result, all programs and procedures are adapted to the specific needs and condition of the guest.

Palazzo Fiuggi has a spacious 400 sqm gym. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, there are special Technogym, Icaros VR, Reaxing machines for cognitive training, as well as Pilates equipment.

For leisure activities at the hotel:

  • 2 tennis courts;
  • golf course with 18 holes;
  • elegant billiard room;
  • cinema hall.

Hiking and cycling routes and various excursions are also offered.

The complex has 3 swimming pools: an indoor pool connected to an outdoor heated pool overlooking Fiuggi and a thalassotherapy pool with sea water.

Allowed to stay with children over 16 years old.

Decorated with Galimberti frescoes and delicate Murano glass chandeliers, the elegant 4 Continenti restaurant offers delicious and healthy dishes from a personal menu by Chef Heinz Beck, a three-Michelin star chef and an expert in natural bioenergy. The nutrition program is designed taking into account the daily calorie intake and physical activity, thereby ensuring that the body receives the necessary nutrients to activate molecular pathways that promote cellular rejuvenation and strengthen the immune system.

As part of the Palazzo Fiuggi Nutrition Program, Chef Heinz Beck and Prof. David Della Morte Kanoshi have presented a new effective concept aimed at weight loss without losing muscle mass. The program does not require guests to follow a strict diet. On the contrary, they can taste delicious and light meals using biodynamic natural ingredients, containing all the necessary nutrients and trace elements.

For hotel guests:

  • cinema hall for 20 seats;
  • a library with an open terrace overlooking the Ernichi Mountains;
  • halls for events;
  • WiFi;
  • parking;
  • concierge services;
  • laundry service.
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