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tour "South and East Africa for Leading Hotels of the World"

14 days / 13 nights
Price per person
from 7 650 $

Tour program

Day 1 Arrival Cape Town

Arrival to Cape Town, meeting with a Russian-speaking guide and a transfer to a hotel.
Position:Cape Grace Hotel5*, BB

Day 2 Stone Mountain and wine farms

Breakfast at the hotel.
09.00 - Review tour of Cape Town (half days with Russian-speaking hyd).
Cape Town is called the Mother City, " Mother of African Cities " , which is where the colonial history of South Africa begins. Here you will learn the most interesting facts about the policy of apartheid and meet the multinational South Africa. You're going through the historic center of the city, the famous Aderly street with its many monuments, see the old fortress, the first building built by the Europeans in Southern Africa. You're walking around the famous shore Victoria and Alfred. Your tour ends at the foot of the Stone Mountain, where you can go up to the founcle. There's an amazing view from the mountain that's gonna be in your memory for the rest of your life.

13.00 - Excursions to wine farms with Russian-speaking hyde for half a day.
The grapevine's edge was scattered in 40 minutes from Cape Town. The famous " Vision " usually begins from the nearest to capital city of Stellenbosch and the second to seniority after Cape Town. The corn of the oaks, as they call it, is cozyly settled among the vice valley, surrounded by mountains and causal grapes. The city is being held in a totally fabulous Capco-Golland style, white buildings in one, two floors, often with a roof from the cane, fit into the local landscape and create a very cozy atmosphere. You're going to want to be born in the streets and dive in the 19th, early 20th century. A lot of souvenir and antique shops will meet you on your way, and you will certainly have a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes on the street. In Stellanbosch, you'll meet large companies of young people sitting in the café and just crossing the street, they're students, because Stellabos has a famous University where classes are conducted in both English and Afrikaans.

*** The wine tasting is paid further***
17.00 - Return to the hotel.


Position:Cape Grace Hotel 5*, BB

Day 3 - Good Hope

Breakfast at the hotel.
09.00 - Excursion to the Cape of Good Hope (early day with Russian-speaking guide)
There's a Good Hope Reserve on the Peninsula. A little over 50 kilometres, You're on the southest end of the peninsula, to legendary Cape. From a 200-metre height standing at the old beacon, you can see how the Indian and Atlantic waters go. The tour includes cruises to the island of marine cats at the Huut Bay site, the penguin colony and the Cape Good Hope Reserve.
17.00 - Return to the hotel.
Position:Cape Grace Hotel 5*, BB

Day 4 Victoria Waterfall Zimbabwe

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Cape Town Airport and flight to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, SA8690 (08.30-11.15).

Upon arrival at the airport, a meeting with an English-speaking driver, a transfer to the hotel.

16.00 - Cruise at sunset on the Zambezi River (trinks and snacks are included).
The ship's team will meet you and get to the dock. The Zambezi Explorer ship is moving slowly. The river passes through Mosi National Park - o - Tunya. You'll be able to see wild animals, including elephants, on the waterway. Nice soft chairs on the deck of the ship. The beautiful hot and cold snacks will be delivered to you by your maiden staff. Drinks and food are included in the price. This cruise will leave unbearable impressions.

Position:Victoria Falls Hotel 5*, BB

Day 5 Victoria Waterfall, Zimbabwe

Breakfast at the hotel.
10.00 - Excursion to the Waterfall of Victoria with an English-speaking hyd.
Victoria is the largest waterfall in the world, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. As you go to this preacher, you will see a fantastically beautiful sight that has become available to the Europeans only in the past century. Hyde will talk about waterfall, local traditions and customs associated with it.
Back to the hotel by lunch.
We also recommend a helicopter walk to see all the beauty and power of Victoria's waterfall, we need to go up to the sky and view it from the height. Then you will discover the greatness of this unique natural nature.
It's $230 per person.
Further recommend safari on elephants. You can go to the safari top on one of these giants' back in the morning or early night and get a chance to interact and communicate with these beautiful animals in their natural habitats. You will learn interesting stories from the elephants of the Reserve, about the characteristics of their behavior and anatomy - $240 per person.
Position:Victoria Falls Hotel 5*, BB

Day 6 Hwang National Reserve

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the Hwang National Reserve (2.30 h).
Lunch in the lodge.
Evening safari on the Reserve.
Position:Somalisa Camp 5*, FI

Day 7 Hwang National Reserve

Morning and evening safari.
Hwang National Park To the south of Victoria ' s waterfall is the largest wildlife reserve, with over 1,000 species of animals and over 400 species of birds. To see all this wealth, visitors may not leave their cars or watch animals from the height of the viewing site located at one of the animal waters. There is one of the largest populations in the African continent of the giant African elephant and buffalo. Other animals living in the preacher can be found in the lion, an anti-pop of the canna, giraffe, nose, zebru and a sablag.
Position:Somalisa Camp 5*, FI

Johannesburg Day 8

Breakfast in the lodge.
Transfer back to Vicorya Falls Airport and exited Johannesburg SA41 flight (13.25-15.05).
Upon arrival, a meeting with a Russian-speaking guide and a transfer to a hotel.
Position:Michelangelo Hotel 5*, BB

Day 9

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Johannesburg Airport and exit ZanzibarDirect JE926 (07.00-11.35).
Upon arrival, a meeting with an English-speaking driver and a transfer to a hotel on Nungwi Beach.
Position:Hideaway at Nungwi5*, AI

Day 10-13Rest on


Day 14 of Sandibar

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Zanzibar Airport and go home.


A tour cost, one man, a prick.

one-stop accommodationtwo-way accommodation
324 120 грн..241 240 грн..
March-May303 400 грн..226 440 грн..
June-November344 840 грн..256 040 грн..

Tour information

Cost includes:
  • Meeting at Cape Town Airport and Johannesburg with a Russian-speaking guide,
  • Internal flights
  • All transfers from/ to airport under programme
  • Hotel survival in Cape Town, Waterfall Victoria and Johannesburg based on breakfast
  • Living in the National Park of Hwang on full board.
  • Life at Zanzibar on All Inclusive
  • Programme Excursions:
    • Half-day tour in Cape Town with a Russian-speaking guide
    • Half-day tour of wine farms with Russian-speaking hyds
    • The whole day of the tour of the Cape of Good Hope with Russian-speaking Hyde
    • Ruiz on the Zambezi Explorer River
    • Viktoria with English-speaking hyde
    • 3 x Safari visits to the National Park of Hwang

Additional pay is paid:

  • Excursions and entrance tickets as additional
  • International flights

Tour note:

  • Minimum accommodation - 2 persons
  • Recommended to take antimalarial pills.
  • The visit of Tanzania requires a visa that is issued on arrival, but the application is made in advance on-line.
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