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Tours in Argentina

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Tours in Argentina: all you need to know about the rest here.

Argentina ' s huge South American country is a great choice for tourism. There's everything that modern traveller needs - mountains, oceans, ancient sights. By choosing from the tour to Argentina, you may prefer the mining or sea resort, depending on your wishes. The tourists come from all over the world, because there is a special sororority filled with counterparts. When you go to Yana Luxury Travel, you can buy a ride to Argentina at a price that won't disappoint you and go on an unforgettable premium class trip.

What's the price?

The Latin American country most often sells individual tours. Tour prices in Argentina depend on the time of the year. The lowest price is the so-called low season, the spring, which by weather looks like our autumn (especially May). As a rule, March and April are warm or even knowing. The winter is hot as we have in summer, so the cost of the trip is doubled during this period. It's the same as the summer, there's a lot of snow in the country this time of year. Numerous mining resorts open in June, July and August, so the cost of recreation is increasing again.

With regard to prices in Argentina, this country is considered expensive, not only for us, but also for tourists from Germany, Japan. The lunch at the local restaurant will cost about $20, and the tips must be left (5-10 per cent of the amount). Hotel accommodation is also high - about $100-120 per person (tel 3 stars).

When should I go?

When you're going to rest in Argentina, it depends on the tourism destination you prefer. You can go there for our new year's holidays, it's gonna be hot as summer, and you can rest on the sea resort. At the same time, consider that the prices of tours from Ukraine to Argentina for this period will be high, as well as consider aclimatization, since temperature overturns are not always moving normally. You can choose a cool resort like Pinamar.

Minors of mining sports should visit Argentina in the summer. During this period, it's cold and a lot of snow, and there's no strong freezer. Anyway, you can always turn in.

Yana Luxury Travel, and our specialists will find you the best way to rest at the prices you'll get.

See what?

Visits to Argentina often include various tours in the local capital, the surprising city of Buenos Aires, where all aircraft come. Tourists can choose from a few options, a survey tour within the city, a visit to the Museum of Colonial Art, a san-Telmo market where antiques are sold, or a mini cruise through the most beautiful channels of the Paranah local river. Often, the cost of a tour in Argentina includes a tour of Fiesta Guacio, which brings you to the home of Argentine cowboys, as well as a visit to Tango Show, an entertainment with outstanding dancers.

Typically, tourists spend a couple of days in Buenos Aires, after which recreational fans go to sea resorts such as Mar del Plata, Miramar, Punta del Este. But it depends on the time of the year - in the summer, on the other hand, the resting resorts are going to mining. We cannot fail to mention the resort of Bariloche, which is located at Lake Nauel-Uapi. The locals call it a Latin American Swiss, because there are similar landscapes and architectural features, as well as good chocolate.

Bariloche is allowed to hunt and catch fish that amateurs like this. It is also popular with golf games and skiing on a mountain with a canat road.

During the rest of the country, Iguas Park should be visited with its 275 waterfalls. There are exotic birds here, unique tropical plants and incredible butterfly beauty. Also schedule a visit to the Mayan pyramid in the capital, where the local statue of freedom has been installed at a height of 3.6 metres. The height of the pyramid is 18 m.

Another interesting feature of Argentina is the Ischigualasto Valley, which reminds the Moon. The remains of 54 different species of dinosaurs, reptiles and other animals were found in its territory. They can be seen at a museum in the valley.

Also during your trip to Argentina, don't forget to see Perito-Moren's glacier, you'll find him in the Andes. The ice sheet is a size of 250 metres square and an altitude of about 170 metres. He is.

with a total of 3 freshwater supplies worldwide. The tourists are particularly attractive when Perito-Moren comes from time to time to the local lake of Argentina. During this period, rising water destroys the ice dam by spilling out.

What kind of dishes?

A tour in Argentina is hard to imagine without trying a national kitchen. In this country, the following must be examined:

  • Empanadas. It's the hottest brownies, with any taste, with rubber meat, ham, cheese, potato.
  • Sordero al palo. The national meat plate is barrels on the converter.
  • Crabs centolla, a very popular seafood in Argentina, are large crabs that can be produced differently.
  • Nadu meat. The nandus strawberry that is being built on local farms.
  • Masamorra. Village dessert, prepared from corn, milk, sugar, vanilla.

It should be noted that Argentines are very fond of meat, they are considered to be making the best beef in the world. The restaurants in which tourists can try terrific meat dishes are at every step. Typically, meat is cooked on a ferry-- is a special metal bar, underneath the coals.

Do you want to enjoy all the recreational activities in Latin America? The Argentine tourist Yana Luxury Travel will select an optimum rest option for you. We can order a tour to Argentina at a price that fully meets the quality of service.

Tours to Argentina from Ukraine is an acquaintance with passionate tango, exciting football, and the wonders of nature.
The country is famous as one of the world leading wine producers, however, fans of tequila, whiskey or brandy will not feel left out. But mate is considered the main drink of Argentina, a recipe that, according to legend, was given by God. It is believed that drinking mate relieves fatigue and improves overall health.
The Silver Country provides excellent opportunities for rafting, kayaking, paragliding, skiing, exploring salt deserts, conquering glaciers, hiking and horseback riding. Moreover, this is where you can learn to dance the real Argentine tango.
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