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Arabian Desert

Holidays in Arabian Desert

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The Arabian Desert occupies most of the Arab Emirates and seems uninhabitable at first. Apart from the many mammals and barhans where the Bedouin live, there are hotels that offer comfort to tourists.

What's the attractive tour of the Arabian desert?

From a long time ago, this place has been considered one of the most amazing and beautiful things on the planet. Local people say that only in the desert can you learn true love and friendship. It's also a place where nature feels a man's perseverance and perseverance.

The Arabian desert can be bragged by a unique microclimate, gold moving barhans and sands. It is here that we can meet the people of the desert in their natural habitats, ride on camels or Arab horses, and go on soccer hunting.

Rest in the Arabian Desert is an extreme catastrophe on the SUVs and a hill in the Hajar mountains.

One of the tourists ' favoured entertainment is safari, during which the characteristics, irrepetition and charm of the desert can be met. It's an ethnic resort with traditional kitchens, customs and legends of the country.

Tours to the Arabian Desert are quiet and calm rest and unity with nature, away from noise megacities.

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