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Holidays in Samana

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Samana is a semi-mouth that is perfect for readers of a private vacation. The main features of the peninsula are the untouched human nature with coconut groves, crystally clean rivers, luxury waterfalls, mysterious caves and desert beaches. Divinga and snorkeling amateurs are also coming here.

How are the tours attractive to Samana from Ukraine?

Virtually the whole shoreline of the peninsula is occupied by remarkable sand beaches. The south coast is particularly popular, as most luxury hotels are concentrated here. The tourist destinations are also the island of Kayo-Levantalo, Playa-Moron, Playa-Bonita-Bich and Playa-Rinson, which is protected by a vice mouse.

There is an underground lake in the National Park of the Peninsula, where we can swim under the waist of mouse. There's also a way to study ancient nasal drawings. Tour guides should go to the village of Las Terrenas, where there are regular hikes and walks on unusual beaches.

Rest in Samana 2016 is an amazing opportunity to enjoy privacy, quiet and calm.

El Limon, which has a height of 30 metres, is the main virtue of the peninsula.

In winter, the migration of hundreds of whale whales from northern Atlantic waters can be observed. In the Peninsula, fishing is very popular, as there are many different and unusual species of fish in coastal waters.