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Krancika Gora

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PICTURE ID=1967 H=200 W=138 TABLE=resortThat little one. integrated between Warna and Golden Sands, the oldest on Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Mineral sources, water baths in the resort It's a year of their readers.

Extended parks where oaks, pines, trees and cybers are growing, silence and calm, clean The air turns this resort into a real paradise for the rest.

Of 20 the largest Grand Hotel Varna. He has a palneological center. Numerous restaurants, cafes and accessories provide wonderful facilities Rest and entertainment.

That's one. from a few places on the Black Sea coast where beautiful landscapes can be seen, Cozy sandboxes, scattered natural rocks and magnificent sludges The floods in the form of a half-district that have hidden many small beaches.

Currency The complex offers excellent opportunities to combine good recreation with Care for your health and good form.

Whole Mineral water, rich with salts and micronutrients, successfully treats arthritis and rheumat diseases, propulsion system violations, physical and mental depletion.

Services guests have a variety of sports opportunities that match their skills and desires. For those who love water sports - Windserfing, water skis, Rocking on a water bike, parachute flights, underwater swimming.

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