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Tasman Island

Holidays in Tasman Island

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The Tasmania, one of the Australian states, is famous for its infinite nature and known as the Nature State, which can be translated as the Green State. The inhabitants appreciate the island ' s unique natural resources and about 40 per cent of the surface, in particular national parks and reserves, are protected by the World Heritage Committee.

Much thanks to its unique nature, Tasmania became so popular among tourists. Many of the island ' s guests are necessarily included in their rainforest programme with their river trees, transparent streams, waterfalls (e.g. Russell) and intact fresh air. If you take a walk for a couple of hours, or it'll be a trip for a few days, the impressions will remain with you forever.

You cannot come to Tasmania and not visit two of the most interesting natural sites: Lake Saint-Cler and Mount Creedle. To take a walk on the yacht, toss the fish or just walk through the white sand, to get on the coast. Dried rivers with ice water, back rocks and mysterious caves are waiting for the readers of extreme recreation. If you're in a better mood for leisure, try yourself on the top, golf or bicycle.

The south of the island is not only a beautiful capital. The whole region is famous for its historic sites, forests and national parks. Visit Port Arthur, former prison, Huon valley, or South National Park.

Gumranes are coming here to try local dishes from seafoods, fruits, and to assess the wine, cheese and copiers of local production.

As in Australia, the summer in Tasmania comes from December to February, winter, vice versa, for summer months. The average temperature in the summer is held at 21 degrees; the mean temperature in winter is 5-8, the maximum temperature is 12 degrees. The time of the year is clearly expressed: the summer is marked by solar weather and quiet evenings, although at the beginning of the summer, there are frequent storms. From February to April (i.e. from mid-year to early autumn) the weather stabilizes. Autumn paints the landscape in bright colors of vows, comes cold, sometimes cold nights and bright days. The winter is characterized by sudden storms and a short day of light, and snow falls on the highest points of the island.

Moscow time

Plus six hours in the summer plus eight hours in the winter.

The capital of Hobart Island, the second highest capital of the State capital in Australia (after Sydneya), is a popular tourist destination. Old mansions, markets and lively streets open a window into the world of Tasmania. The island life may continue to be known in the Tasmania Museum and the Art Gallery, the brewery and at least the interesting wine factory. At the factory, they order tours, and not only will they know how to produce it, but they also taste different types of alcohol.

20 kilometers from Hobart is Richmond, a critical historical site. This is where you will find the oldest bridge, the first in Australia the post office and the oldest Tasmania Catholic collection.

The Kurdl Mauntan Lake Sen Cler National Park is protected by the World Heritage Committee. A year round, his wildly intact nature meets many tourists who came to rest in this divine corner. Only 155 kilometres from Lonseston, north of Tasmania, is St. Kler, the deepest lake in Australia with clean ice water. St. Kler can catch a fish (with a license) and even bathe even though the water is cold. There's a great view on the outskirts from Mount Creedle: the rise on its slopes with the band takes several days. The night passes in one of the many small hotels where, for the sake of calm, the guests in the rooms don't have a TV and a phone.

Evening hours can be pawned through the city or visiting the Royal Theatre Royal. You can go to the casino instead of the theater (kstats, first legal in the country) and spend the night at the gambling table. Sensitive searchers may order a night tour in a legendary Port-Arthur or a prison clock in the city.

Of course, always for tourists, bars and restaurants.

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