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The Bahamas is an archipelago, which consists of 700 single terrestrial junctions located 100 kilometres from Florida. The islands undoubtedly hand over the colonial era and are a popular tourist destination.

The Turks to the Bahamas from Ukraine are a great vacation, accompanied by a magnificent nature, interesting traditions and an exquisite kitchen.

The islands are known around the world thanks to their amazing kitchen. An island State ' s traditional meal is considered to be a fishing shell from the seabed. It also uses turtle soup. The national food of the local population can be taken from the sea shell. In fact, the restors can enjoy the abundance of exotic fruit.

Tours to the Bahamas are a journey into the secluded world of hospitable and smiling people

The main attraction of the country, of course, is its incredible nature. Diving in coral reefs, spearfishing and fishing, watching pink flamingos, visiting an underwater aquarium and many other both water and land entertainments are popular among tourists.

An original musical culture was formed on the islands, which became the source of the emergence of new musical forms and styles. The addition of fairy tales, natural medicine, as well as religious rites are very popular.

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