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Korea has been part of the world ' s five most visited countries for many years, as well as an excellent place for rest, travel and incredible impressions. There are many associations with this country, such as the two-headed turtle, the golden skyscraper, more than 50 sorts of mandarin, toilets equipped with remote control, and the unusual beauty of pearls.

Turks in Korea

Korea is one of those countries that has not ceased to be surprised. The first thing tourists draw attention is a similar nature, which is presented in the form of national parks and day gardens. Korea is rich in thermal sources, beach and mining resorts, numerous sights and architectural monuments, temples and museums.

The country offers great opportunities to feel the spirit of the current times, to live in a monk environment and to learn from them the wisdom, peace and medicine.


Seoul is the city of five royal palaces that have been preserved since the Choson and Kenbockkun era. Also among the most popular tourist destinations are the 10 sites included in the UNESCO World List and the demilitarized zone.

In Korea, one of the most beautiful places in the world is Mount Soracsan on the coast of the East Sea. Also interesting is the island of Canhwalo, where the Tangun altar is located, the Chandins monastery, and many old forts. Korea has a large number of dedicated thermal sources and aqua parks. The latter are more likely to resemble the dimensions of the water resorts, with 70-metre horizons and other exciting attachments.

Shipping in Korea

There are great possibilities for the spinning, a large number of arcades, deuti fries, uniforms and fashion stores. Specialized trade areas and, of course, numerous markets are also provided.

Traditional souvenirs from Korea are considered to be porcelain, paintings, masks, and traditional costumes, wood and wind products. The country ' s pride is a woman who has reached the sea floor and pearls for centuries.

From Ukraine to Korea

Korea is a country that is well suited to both active and relaxed. Winter Korea is a beautiful mining resort, numerous festivals and a winter fisherman. Summer Korea is great beaches, multiple stores, nice restaurants and nightclubs.

The country can celebrate the rich cultural heritage, interesting and multi-century traditions, as well as the hospitality and excellent opportunities for full recreation at all times of the year.

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