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A small country of Jordan, about 10 times less than Egypt, is located in the Middle East. Jordan borders Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Less than an hour on the road to the dead sea. The Landscapt of the country is diverse, from forest elevations to subtropical valley, from mountains to flat plains. However, most of the country ' s territory lies on the platoon (700-1000 m above sea level).

In Jordan, there are many diverse sites, including Roman structures, Arab palaces, crusade casts, scholars, treasurers and fabulous sand beaches with unique coral reefs.

What's the interest of Jordan's tour from Ukraine?

The unique creation of human hand in the country ' s territory is the Scale City of Petra. In 2007, the city was placed on the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World. In the mountain valley, the city scattered in the rock has been perfectly preserved until our days. Petra was at the crossroads of many caravan tracks, so she used a lot of popularity on past days. Now, the flow of tourists in here doesn't go anywhere near ever. Best time to visit Petra from March to May and September to November.

Among Jordan ' s worth of recreational visits, there is an ancient Roman city in Jerash. Here, you will find the swellings, colonnades, theatres, temples and eastern churches. It would also be interesting to have the Mountain of Nebo, where, according to God, the prophecy of Moses has been shown to the Earth as promised. There's a church on the top of the mountain, and the place itself is quite unselfish and isolated.

Where do we rest in Jordan?

The unique gift of nature that helps to recover is the Mercury Sea. This is where tourists come from around the world to raise immunity, treat bonds in joints or stress management. By planning Jordan's tour, beat yourself to the treatment salts, minerals and dirt on this natural treatment resort. The tourist infrastructure of the Dead Sea is very diverse, and there are many hotels, treatments, restaurants and boutiques.

Nor should we forget the Red Sea, whose particular feature is crystal clear water. It's one of the warmest and salty seas in the world. There are painting coral reefs and a wide variety of submarine life.

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