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Dead Sea (Jordan)

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MEAT MORE is an amazing place on earth. It lies 400 metres below the level of the world ' s oceans and has been developed under the influence of powerful tectonic forces, resulting in a loss of land 5 million years ago.

Jordan Dead Sea I've always been intertwined for many people. This place is part of the Syrian-African fracture. Strictly speaking, it is not the sea, but the lake, which consists of two boilers together reaching approximately 72 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide.

Of course, neither fish nor animals can exist in water with such a high concentration of salt, but scientists have found that the Dead Sea is not so dead: in its waters a variety of salty bacteria is inhabited. The salt and mineral content of the Dead Sea is 10 times greater than the normal sea.

The northern sea is 400 metres deep and 10 metres south. The natural resources of the Dead Sea are being processed by the end of the Dead Sea. The summer thermometer shows more than +48°C and the winter sun does not show for only 10 days. So there's so much water evaporation in this area, a day of many million litres.

There's always an easy cloud of a couple on the surface of the sea. Jordan ' s waters cannot sympathize with high evaporation, so the Israelis plan to lay down a channel through which the water will flow from the Mediterranean Sea. You can buy a dead sea, but with great caution. All advertisements put a picture of a man who lay quietly in the water and reads a newspaper.

You can move in the water, but you need to get your hands and legs out of your depth. It's hard to get out of the water, too, to get on your feet only when you're almost on the shore. It is only recommended to buy in resorts, since the shower can be taken immediately, which is absolutely necessary after swimming at the Dead Sea.

Climatic features of the region: constant high temperature, low humidity, low rainfall, clean air, special ultraviolet radiation, high water share in the Dead Sea, thermal waters of sources rich in minerals, organic components of treatment dirt.

That's all it takes.

The resort and treatment area near the Dead Sea is a vitally needed man-made target. The unique natural factors of the Dead Sea area are used to treat different skin diseases as well as joint diseases. Nature has given the area of the Dead Sea a rare combination of unique recoveries known from ancient history.

The dead sea has often been able to do what is untrue to traditional medicine, because it heals everything: air, water and sun. The dead sea is 30 minutes away from the international airport. The Jordanian hotels are in the north. There are currently two hotels (Categories 4* and 5*) and one camping. The construction of the third hotel of the Marriott system is nearing completion.

Charity factors in the Dead Sea in Jordan:
1. Solar radiation: Solar rays are filtered by the depression position of the Dead Sea (400 m additional atmosphere) and the fog of evaporation over the Dead Sea acts as an additional filter. This natural filter reduces ultraviolet radiation, which affects tantalum formation. This creates ideal conditions for heliotherapy, an important part of climate therapy.
2. Temperature and humidity of air: The average air temperature is 24 degrees Celsius in December and 36.6 degrees in August. The relative humidity of the air is limited, in December 45 per cent, in August 32.2 per cent. Approximately annual rainfall is 100 mm. The average sea temperature is 26.7 degrees Celsius in December and 37.7 degrees in August. Thus, climate conditions are also favourable in winter months.
3. Air pressure: Thanks to the deep state of the Dead Sea, the air pressure is high, 800 mm Hg, the air oxygen content is about 10 per cent higher than the Mediterranean coast.
4. Air: Dry, clean, dust-free air in the Dead Sea region is another important treatment factor. High levels of bromine in the atmosphere provide a calming effect on the organism and help to reduce stress and stress.
5. Water: The average salt content of the Dead Sea is 290 g/l, 10 times more than normal sea water.

The only combination of salts is also enriched by combinations of other minerals such as magnezia, calcium and bromine. Thanks to the high content of salts and minerals, water in the Dead Sea has a density much higher than that, which creates the so-called " floating effect " in swimming. This phenomenon is used in physiotherapy. Furthermore, the high bromine content, as mentioned, is calming, while the high concentration of magnesia has anti-alergic effects on skin. High salt content also has a heinous effect.
6. Medicine: Therapeutic operation of the black mud of the Dead Sea, which is essentially the sediment of sea salts, is as effective as cosmetic. Dirty masks used on joints and skins that have a favourable effect on bleed are actively used both in cosmetology and in the treatment of joint diseases.

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