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VIP tours in Peru from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge

Peru is one of the major Latin American countries that occupies the third largest area on the southern continent. Its territory focuses on enormous cultural and natural wealth, architectural complexes and historical pre-Colombian monuments.

The State is located in three natural zones:

  • Costa Rica is a desert strip along the Pacific coast;
  • Rural - Amazon rainforest in the north-east;
  • Sierra is the deep canyons, the valley, the highland, the top of the Andean mountain system, which is central to the country.

To arrive in a unique country and enjoy the looming atmosphere and bright emotions, you can buy a ride in our agency. YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge specializes in elite recreation, which means that we can arrange a better journey for you in Peru. We are working with Peru ' s best tour operator and organizing class awards for our clients. In order to know the cost of the tour in Peru, you can turn to our managers who sympathize with you at prices, answer all questions and, if they wish, take care of the organization of your unforgettable trip for the dates and deadlines chosen.

Exotic recreation in Peru

Tours in Peru are a visit to the historical centre of Latin America, the Ink lands, the Preservative of Past Monuments. The ancient history of the State shows the legends of lost cities, a unique city Machu Picchuthe ancient capital of the Cuzco Ink Empire, the Nasco Desert with mysterious Petroglyphs.

To come to rest in Peru and not to try the amazing Peruvian kitchen, it won't work. It is distinguished by abundance of seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables, local acute spices, right, garlic and red peppers. In each region, culinary masterpieces are diverse and have distinct traditions. The Pisco National Alcohol drink is very popular among the entire local population. It is the basis of many cocktails. All drinkers are celebrating the Day of Piscola on 8 February. In many bars and discotheques, this day is a tasting of interesting proposals and thematic parties.

Furious tours


Peru ' s tours from Kiev are better acquired for a summer period, from June to September. It's a dry season when it's possible to combine visits to high lakes, canyons and deserts with beach and meet the culture of inks. Prices for this period reach their apogee. Also, the tour is due to a new year and pastoral holidays.

Peru ' s travel may be organized in several programmes, ranging from 5 to 14 days. The price for each tour varies according to season and duration.

Travel benefits from YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge:

  • Big choice of tour and individual approach. We'll help organize your location anywhere in the world, select an optimum location, recommend a tour programme.
  • Build tourism. We're booking tickets to bright carnivals, fun festivals, sports competitions, concerts of your favorite performers anywhere in the world.
  • YANA Luxury Travel " Concierge young people offer wedding tours. We will encourage the organization of wedding ceremonies and offer you a variety of programmes for lovers.

The thematic tours include:

  • Two cultures, colonial and modern;
  • Reviewed two-week journey across the country;
  • Study of the Ink culture;
  • Recreation on mountain peaks;
  • Study of the four pearls of Peru;
  • Combined tour of neighbouring countries.

Survey tours during the Peruvian journey include visits to ancient cities and the examination of their cultural values: Macha Pichu, PunCouscoLimaArekipIko♪ In addition, Peru is famous for the following:

  • Paracas Marine Reserve;
  • Ancient city of Machu Picchu;
  • Ancient, lost in the mountains of the ink empire capital, Kusco;
  • Kolka Canyon;
  • Naska Island with mysterious drawings;
  • Lake Titicaka;
  • Holy Dolin Inkov;
  • Balestas Islands;
  • Temples of the Sun and the Moj Valley (Mr. Trujillo).

The most

Punta Sal, Mankora, Tumbes. These cities are used by tourists of pure beaches, romantic boots, small islands lost in ocean waves. Unfortunately, a trip to Peru would hardly give you the opportunity to spend all your vacation on gold sands, as this country cannot brag about the swelling of the great beaches. The best resort coastal zones extend from the northern coast of the country to the capital of the State. These places are very attractive for divers and surfers.
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